Gender and Sexuality

Are not my areas of expertise, and I don’t want to get good at writing about them. However, The American Spectator writer Janice Shaw Crouse writes about a new report on the psychology and biology of sex:

The article pointed out that the phrase “I’m born gay” or lesbian, queer, transgender etc. might be incorrect.  The same with gender identity.

there is no evidence in the peer-reviewed research literature to support the idea that children who behave in gender-atypical ways will inevitably continue that behavior and, thus, should be encouraged to become transgender through hormone therapy or surgical alternation. Quite simply, a girl wearing jeans and playing with trucks or a boy who enjoys playing dolls with his sister will not inevitably grow up gender-confused and needing to be guided toward transgender identity.

The significance is actually huge considering the many assumptions the left has made about gender.

NPR ran a story this morning about a gender clinic, and it featured a 15-year old biological female who was starting testosterone treatments to begin the process of transitioning to male.


I don’t have any pithy, witty comebacks.  This scares me, that society is operating on a number of assumptions which might be very wrong, and acting as if we have all the answers.  We don’t, and chemical treatments for kids who figure they are in the wrong gender is dangerous.

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5 Responses to Gender and Sexuality

  1. rt895 says:

    I think the treatments for Anorexia are a good model for how to humanely treat Gender confusion. I.e. nothing invasive (and I count hormone therapy as that), focus on counseling to correct the patient’s misperceptions about their body, don’t mutilate the body to match the mind….

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  2. rt895 shoulda been the Republican nominee. Well. next time.

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  3. rt895 says:

    Oh Ghod no. I’d never run for office, the first shithead leftist prog-trash reporter who tried a “have you stopped beating your wife yet” question would be counting her remaining teeth. Think Buzz Aldrin and the moon landing denier who called him a liar.

    I can’t stand stupid people, and have few or no verbal filters, when I’m tired…

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