An Invitation for Correspondence

Apparently, Bill Schmalfeldt is considering adding people to his lawsuit against Patrick Grady and Sarah Palmer.  He wants everybody to calm down and stop speculating about how his lawsuit is

Any party (current or yet to be named) in the case of Schmalfeldt v, Grady et al, in the U. S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Case #1:16-cv-07150, should address their concerns about the case to Michael Sorich, Esq., with the Cavanagh Law Group of Chicago, IL. It is not incumbent on me to answer to or address misstatements of law made by defendants (named or yet-to-be-named) in the case. You are merely providing your readership with misinformation that will make you look sillier than usual when you are proven to be incorrect.

Again, my advice to all is to chill and try not to overthink anything. There are currently two defendants in the case. There may be more. If there are, those people will be notified by my attorney. Res Judicata can’t apply as I am not alleging anything that has already been alleged and decided.
There will be an initial status hearing on September 29.
I understand the nervousness and anxiety. I’m not saying certain folks don’t have cause to be nervous or anxious. I’m just saying…
Chill. Lawyer up if you feel the need. And remember… this has been four years in the making. What will be will be.
He of course thinks that Patrick Grady is Paul Krendler, and he promises that there are lots of supposed torts which have been committed by Krendler/Grady since August 20th, 2015 and therefore are not covered by res judicata.  Schmalfeldt dropped a case against Krendler and others on that date. 

res judicata

[Latin, A thing adjudged.] A rule that a final judgment on the merits by a court having jurisdiction is conclusive between the parties to a suit as to all matters that were litigated or that could have been litigated in that suit.

I’m not a lawyer, but I’d suggest that “this” has not been four years in the making. Based upon res judicata, this may only have been about a year in the making.  Just saying.

Meanwhile, Bill has released a picture of himself (no surprise there) in which he holds his volume of material dealing with the current case. See more at Thinking Man’s Zombie.

His lawyer should get the big conference room, and gather snacks for the upcoming meeting.

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11 Responses to An Invitation for Correspondence

  1. Minemyown says:

    The big conference room with the king size adult diaper changing station.

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    • one handle and stick to it says:

      I’m sure they’ve got one of those prepared: surely Bill Schmalfeldt isn’t the FIRST of Michael Sorich’s clients to be full of shit.


  2. He’s trying to claim that if at any point the professional tells him there is no “there” there, he’ll be fine with that, basking in the knowledge that he did his best to bring us thugs the justice we deserve.


    I seem to recall his last lawyer, Mr. Kim, suggested he needed to drop things and behave himself. Seven lawsuits later, and I don’t think he’s accepted his lawyer’s advice. He knows that if he were to ignore us, after a week, two tops, 95% of us would happily forget he ever existed, but he seems to have nothing else in his life, and no interest in finding a more socially acceptable, and I would add more satisfying, pass time than attacking people online so he can play the victim when they reach the end of their patience and fight back.

    When this case goes away, whether after the meeting tomorrow, or after some devestating MTDs, you know he’ll just start hunting the corners of the Web to find something to go after us or someone new with, because he’ll never really believe that butt hurt is not a tort. We’ll have to deal with Lulzsuit VIII as he shops for a new venue which finally will be the one to put those RWNJs in their place. Especially if the IL courts dismiss it without prejudice, and without any penalty for wasting everyone’s time and money.

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  3. The 13th Duke of Wymbourne says:

    It’s elucidating what one finds in your browser. I seem to have misplaced the URL-thingy for this page, but I was able to grab one of those print-screeny things.

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  4. Which is why these things must include a penalty.


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