When Adults Give Up Their Role, This Happens

It’s all about leadership.  Or lack of leadership.

Vandalism. Black armbands. A “hit list.” Death threats. Bullying. Parents afraid of losing their jobs. Girls leaving campus just to go to the bathroom. Students telling law enforcement they’re scared to go to school, afraid the high school in Fairfield, Iowa, may soon erupt in violence.

 It’s a crazy situation, but the Family Leader lists the stuff going on:

  • Within 24 hours of the Obama administration’s Dear Colleague Letter, a Fairfield girl “identifying” as a boy left on a school music trip to St. Louis and, in accordance with the new guidelines, bunked in the boys’ hotel room for the trip. After she returned, her car was vandalized.
  • Shortly thereafter, two female students were in the girls’ locker room changing clothes when male students walked in, boasting, “This is how it is now. We’re going to do what we want.”
  • A boy reported using the urinal in the men’s room, when a biological female entered, stood next to him, pulled down her pants, and used the adjacent urinal.
  • LGBTQ students began passing out black armbands to support the mandate and the girl whose car was vandalized. Those who chose not to wear them were shunned and taunted as “haters,” “bigots,” and “rednecks.”
  • A girl posted a “hit list” on the Internet, listing Fairfield students she deemed as “homophobes” who needed to be “hit.”

The black arm bands sounds so true.  Where did these young people learn that if somebody disagrees with your progressive agenda then they must be “haters, bigots or rednecks?”

The group behind the original post is apparently Christian and conservative, so they could maybe be exaggeration  exaggerating..  Why do I find myself believing it all?

EDIT: exaggeration shoulda been exaggerating.  Drunkblogging is dangerous.



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2 Responses to When Adults Give Up Their Role, This Happens

  1. Jeanette Victoria says:

    There was book that showed what happens when adults were no longer in the picture, it was called Lord of the Flies. It seems it is no longer required reading in High School any more.

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  2. The legitimately transgendered that I know or know of all say that you don’t know at that age, even if you may be a bit confused. They believe that no one should start “transitioning” until they are in at least their 20s and have been through a lot of therapy.

    I honestly believe that a lot of the teen (and younger) LGTWTFBBQ is social, not biological. It’s the new “cool” and how to freak out your parents, or in some cases, get acceptance from them, and has nothing to do with the child’s genuine sexual inclinations. Not that 8 and 10 year olds should be having them in the first place.

    And od course now, as with some of the complaints here, and that case with Target, this just opens up a whole avenue for sexual abuse and voyeurism, and of course anyone who complains is just a bigoted hater/prude. /sigh

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