That Aaron Walker Guy Knows What Questions to Ask, Eh?

Aaron Walker is suing Brett Kimberlin, after years of abuse by the Speedway Bomber. Aaron sent interrogatories, and in some/most cases, Brett has not replied.  By way of Hogewash!, just a snippet from Aaron’s questions:


The answer to one of these is ‘nobody.’  At least I hope so.

One question here might bring a large volume of material. [To be fair, I also was once attracted to teenage girls, and longed to engage in relations with them.  But I was a teenager then, and I think I’m forgiven.– Dave]

The last one?  Holy crap.

The Kimberlin Effect is the process of using lawsuits to defend your reputation, and in the process increasing the number and scope of publicly available documents about you as well as the newsworthiness of those documents.  


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1 Response to That Aaron Walker Guy Knows What Questions to Ask, Eh?

  1. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    It should be no one. After all, one of the things Brett bitterly complains about is that due to him being exposed as a pedophile that little girls wouldn’t attend his daughters sleepovers anymore. And if THAT doesn’t creep you out, you must be an associate of his.

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