Ryan Lochte’s White Privilege Is Way More Complicated Than You Think 

Actually, I can make it less complicated. 

The left really, really wants to use the terrible fact that Lochte and his drunken associates lied to the cops to hit him over the head with his whiteness.  He blamed the incident of Brazilians — and many of those folks are not white.. So this whole thing is racist! By the way, I rarely if ever mention the color of somebody’s skin, since it doesn’t matter to me.

 Cristina Arreola of Bustle:

He came, he saw, he acted like a fool, and he rewrote the history to make himself the victim. Brazilian authorities allege that Ryan Lochte fabricated the story that he was robbed in order to cover up his own bad behavior, in a textbook example of white male privilege and American Exceptionalism. According to Brazilian officials, he and three other U.S. Olympics swimmers — Jack Conger, Gunnar Bentz, and Jimmy Feigen — allegedly vandalized a gas station restroom in Rio de Janeiro and got into an altercation with the station’s security guard. 

[I don’t ever remember blaming anything on black people, and I’ve been white nearly all my life. I remember Susan Smith blaming black guys for killing her kids, but has there been a rash of non-crimes blamed on minorities?  I heard of a guy in Boston once who killed his wife, and shot himself, blaming it on minorities.  Both those examples are long ago.  I read one writer bring up the Scottsboro ‘Boys.’  Is this common?]

Here’s the complex part:

But Lochte’s white male privilege is complicated by the fact that he is Cuban-American.

[She goes on, and on about this, and I would cut/paste,  but I get dumber just by reading it, and stupid like this slows down my PC. – Dave]

The benefit of being a conservative, or owner of a working brain is that we don’t struggle with how to assign guilt to people of mixed race.  For the left, the Cuban ancestry is troubling, especially since he is…passing for white…?

 Lochte is a white-passing person of color, which doesn’t excuse his actions, but instead, makes them infinitely more disappointing. He’s been given an incredible platform to speak on behalf of Latinos and POC who don’t have his privileges, and instead he’s squandered that opportunity.

Conservatives don’t expect Cuban-Americans to demonstrate leadership based upon their Cubanness. That word underlined on my WordPress editor.  Maybe the word is Cubaninity.  Nope, not a word either. 

That nice young lady who won in swimming?  She won, and doesn’t need to represent anyone except the people of the United States.

Now, what about Lochte and the other jerks?  What they did was immature and stupid.  They got trashed, and apparently decided that peeing in public, vandalizing and then lying to the cops was a good idea in a foreign country.  That’s just dumb.  I’d have then repainting something.  Then writing checks. 




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4 Responses to Ryan Lochte’s White Privilege Is Way More Complicated Than You Think 

  1. Sputnik is still up there says:

    Hispanics, people descended from Spaniards, are white. Whitey, white, white, WHITE. As in European. I assure you that many Cubans would be offended to be considered anything other than white. This whole privilege thing is just a psychological technique to keep the “white community” in line, quiet, scared and compliant.

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  2. Jeanette Victoria says:

    I’m Puerto Rican and I look white my grandfather didn’t, he was mostly Taino Indian

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  3. Thanks for the reminder…

    Yup, checked my “white privilege.”

    It was down a quart, so I topped it back up.



    (Disclaimer: I’m white as the driven snow (German, Dane, Irish, and French, along with a good dose of English. The Rule 5 wife is 1/128th American Indian, too little to qualify for any race-based set-aside or privilege, but she also qualifies for the DAR and the Jamestown Society, both of which she refuses to join.)


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