Another Quote of the Day

Thus, in April 2014, “Paul Krendler” was born. As Paul, I wrote disgusting, filthy works mocking things I had written on Patriot-Ombudsman. Because I was selling hatred, there was no shortage in buyers.

Hoge decided to blow a significant portion of his blog earnings on filing a copyright infringement suit, a suit fraught with so many errors that it would have no chance of success.  We’d both walk away unscathed.

Paul Krendler and Hoge made money hand over fist. And mailing the horse poop? Stroke of genius. — Bill “Krendler” Schmalfeldt

Bill Schmalfeldt has admitted that he is Paul Krendler.  The filthy, mocking things written about Bill Schmalfeldt were in fact written by Bill Schmalfeldt. Or he lies sometimes. either way, his lawyer has his work cut out for him.

Just in case Michael J. Sorich, Esq. is reading this: Ask Bill about Vinnie.  Also Lynn.   


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5 Responses to Another Quote of the Day

  1. Jeanette Victoria says:

    Hum maybe the letter he sent to my local Law enforcement might be in order or this PUBLIC gem

    (picture removed as one photo appeared to be an innocent family member.- Dave)

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  2. Neal N. Bob says:

    I’ll say it again. I fail to see how you sue for libel when you have a history of copyrighting your supposed libel instead of expunging it. Child rape comedian Bill Schmalfeldt quite literally owns it.

    Hi, Micheal,

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  3. Perry Mason says:

    Have you considered a new feature, “Bill Schmalfeldt’s Tort of the Day”?

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  4. 365 days of the year. Dunno. Can we get that many. I’d hate to run out in November.

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