The Danger of Telling Lies

Somebody might actually work to prove them wrong.

Brett Kimberlin has claimed that his oldest daughter has been bullied at school, and changed schools three times because of the publicity which surrounds her father.  He says ‘attacks’ and ‘harassment,’ but I’ll just call it publicity.

I won’t speculate except to say that when Aaron Walker and others tell the truth about Brett Kimberlin’s serial bombing conviction, and other things, it might make things tough on a teenager.  On the other hand, the damage was done by Brett Kimberlin, when he built and delivered the bombs back in 1978.  I feel bad for Carl David Delong’s teenage son, who by the way was inside a nearby building when his father was severely injured by Brett Kimberlin’s eighth bomb.

Brett Kimberlin has also made specific claims as to how badly he was injured in a confrontation with Aaron Walker in 2012.

Back to Walker v Kimberlin.  Brett Kimberlin wants to quash subpoenas for these organizations:


Two stand out.  

Montgomery County Schools, I must assume has information about whether the young Kimberlin has been bullied, and if she was ‘forced’ to switch schools. [Please no comment about the minor child, and no mention of her name.  Brett has done her enough harm. — Dave]

I assume that the subpoena for the Suburban Hospital is for the crippling injuries Brett Kimberlin suffered when Aaron Walker took an iPad away from him.  Photographic evidence shows there was no assault.  More here.

I can understand why Brett Kimberlin would want to avoid having these areas investigated. He has repeatedly made assertions in court pleadings which might be false.  Brett Kimberlin’s first serious conviction was for perjury — for lying to a Grand Jury.

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