How Frequently Has It Gotten Real?

Every few weeks, it really gets real.  The massive fury will translate to Thundering Consequences. [Who I saw open for Joe Cocker, Rochester 1993.)

A letter from Bill Schmalfeldt to George Howell, about the relative realness of something:

From: Stogie Carbuncle <>
Date: Tue, Aug 16, 2016 at 7:47 PM
Subject: Just a courteous suggestion


I had a note written and ready to send to you. But then, I thought better of it and deleted it.

You knew what you were doing when you volunteered to be Grady’s mule.

Shit just got real, George.

{I edited the email addresses so you can’t click here and mail them. – Dave]

Bill Schmalfeldt has a theory about a regular postal service delivered letter, presented to a court in Maryland in 2015 by John Hoge at a hearing over a Peace Order which Hoge figured had been broken by Schmalfeldt.

The letter and the envelope are reproduced below.

I’m pretty sure Bill figures the letter originated with Paul Krendler, who he thinks is Patrick Grady of Palatine, Illinois.  The theory is that in order to fool Bill into thinking the letter was from Bill Schmalfeldt, it was mailed first to George Howell, who is local to Maryland.  As are millions of other people.  Howell then mailed the letter to John Hoge, acording to the theory.

Bill Schmalfeldt expects to get Paul Krendler/Patrick Grady, George Howell and John Hoge arrested and put in the clink for forgery.

John Hoge busts this wide open here.  Bill Schmalfeldt does not have the document, which was turned over to the court.  Hard to prove anything with a document you don’t have.

Additionally, if everything happened Bill says, how can John Hoge be considered a forger. He opened a cleverly created hoax, and took it to court.

This likely will be a part of Lolsuit VII: Degenerations.  Folks expect George and John might be added to the complaint.

Now that Bill Schmalfeldt has an attorney, he thinks this sort of stuff will stick.  

On the other hand, his attorney might tell him the whole thing is a waste of time.

It is still not real.






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8 Responses to How Frequently Has It Gotten Real?

  1. Boston Bob says:

    I don’t really understand how he is so sure that George Howell is a part of some conspiracy, other than apparently his proximity to a mailbox that will receive a Baltimore postmark. I can sort of understand why he’s so convinced that Grady sent it. Not convinced because of any evidence he’s presented but a reading of his fevered imagination. I don’t recall any evidence beyond his own assertions that any of this is remotely true.

    It’s really not hard to think of several plausible alternatives to his scenario. Such as, he sent it and now refuses to admit it. Or perhaps Hoge wrote it and sent it himself. Or perhaps Paul Krendler wrote it and actually lives in or near Baltimore(which means s/he is not Grady) or traveled though the area at an opportune time. Or knows someone totally unrelated that he sent it to that has no clue about any of this. Or even that this was a set up of both Bill and Hoge by a third party hoping to spin up one and get the other in trouble.


  2. crawford421 says:

    I think Schmalfeldt sent it, but blacked out/repressed the memory. He’s got mental problems, and recently admitted he’s “mis-remembered” events in a way that makes himself feel better.

    He violated the peace order around 400 times. How hard is it to think he did it one more time?

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    • gmhowell says:

      The key thing to question, at least in my case is [redacted].

      On Wed, Aug 17, 2016 at 6:45 PM, Dave Alexander & Company with David Edgren and Gus Bailey – The Artisan Craft Blog wrote:

      > crawford421 commented: “I think Schmalfeldt sent it, but blacked > out/repressed the memory. He’s got mental problems, and recently admitted > he’s “mis-remembered” events in a way that makes himself feel better. He > violated the peace order around 400 times. How hard is it to thi” >


  3. Anonymous says:

    Bill can not sue over that letter due to res judicata see Schmalfeldt v. Grady et al. See pages 34-36.

    The principle of res judicata may be used either by a judge or a defendant.

    Once a final judgment has been handed down in a lawsuit, subsequent judges who are confronted with a suit that is identical to or substantially the same as the earlier one will apply the res judicata doctrine to preserve the effect of the first judgment.

    A defendant in a lawsuit may use res judicata as defense. The general rule is that a plaintiff who prosecuted an action against a defendant and obtained a valid final judgment is not able to initiate another action versus the same defendant where:

    the claim is based on the same transaction that was at issue in the first action;
    the plaintiff seeks a different remedy, or further remedy, than was obtained in the first action;
    the claim is of such nature as could have been joined in the first action.[1]</

    Collateral estoppel:
    The doctrine of collateral estoppel bars issues that have been litigated from being litigated again.

    I am sure his new lawyer will be explaining this to him.

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  4. agiledog says:

    The obvious proof that Schmalfeldt wrote that, and that Krendler didn’t, is the lousy sentence structure and the two mistakes in spelling. Paul would never have made such a mistake, and Schmalfeldt can’t write more than two sentences without at least one spelling mistake.

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  5. Onlooker says:

    He wrote that letter. (For laughs at his lazy mind,Just see the title for docket entry no. 61/2 in Mr. Hoge’s suit including him for a condensed recapitulation of the language.

    The strained and unsuccessful attempt at politeness, as he gives way to his irresistible impulse to both whine and to menace others makes it read like a John Benet Ramsey ransom note.

    He’s got issues alright, but he never forgot he sent that letter. He’s just a liar.

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  6. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    Actually he is so unsure of whether he sent the letter or not he had to ask his errand runner if she had mailed it for him. She simply couldn’t remember if she did or didn’t. That makes it 50/50 that he did send the letter. Add in all the other factor like he is a ginormous liar and serial harasser and the answer becomes a lot closer to 99/1 that he sent the letter.

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    • onlooker says:

      He said he asked her. Which means he probably mailed it himself. If he asked her at all it was just to make sure she didn’t remember him doing it, or couldn’t sink him in court if she had carried any mail for him.

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