Fueling Extremism

Nearly everyone agrees that somehow, somebody is fueling Islamic extremism.  Those people should be stopped, somehow, as Islamic extremist is often expressed in violent ways.  We hate violence, so we need to stop the Islamic extremism. 

From an Australian paper, the Sidney Morning Herald, (SMH)

Anti-Muslim Hate Speech ‘Fuels Extremism’ — Experts

The Baird government’s refusal to legislate against anti-Muslim hate speech is “playing into the hands” of terrorist groups such as Islamic State, as well as extreme right-wing groups, Muslim community leaders and counter-terrorism experts have warned.

[I hate the double negatives here, but the government does NOT want to legislate over the subject of hate speech, and the story indicates that the lack of hate speech legislation helps both ISIS and right-wing anti immigrant groups. – Dave}

The debate follows an incident on Sunday when a group of far-right One Nation supporters stormed a Gosford church service, dressed as Muslims and spouting anti-Muslim rhetoric.

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson said the stunt was “counterproductive” to the serious argument her party was seeking in the next term of Parliament. But her party insisted freedom of speech was a key tenet of Australia’s democracy, and warned of “civil unrest” if political leaders failed to heed public concern about Islam.

The NSW government is formulating a long-awaited overhaul of racial vilification laws, promising to strengthen the legislation and streamline it to make prosecutions easier. Fairfax Media understands the government will not consider including religion in the Act, which outlaws inciting violence based on race, colour, descent or ethno-religious origin.

I wonder if inciting violence within a Mosque would ever be considered hate-speech?

This next bit is self-mocking, but it deserves attention.  A familiar tactic of the mushy headed left is to link the word “abuse” with online or political speech.  In other words, grouping actual real life incidents (if there are any) with verbal “attacks” and rhetoric.

As they used to say “online abuse and rhetoric” can never hurt me.

The decision comes amid increasing anti-Muslim abuse and political rhetoric, including a sharp increase in anti-Muslim online abuse, according to the Online Hate Prevention Institute.

I don’t know anything about the Online Hate Prevention Institute, but I’m guessing they will note a sharp increase of hate stuff on the web.

You know what else I notice a sharp increase of?  Violence by Muslims worldwide.  I see Muslim’s killing other Muslims, forcing other Muslims out of their homes, and occasionally killing Christians or driving them out of what used to be ‘the Holy Land.’ Now an again, a bomb goes off, someone plows into a crown of families or somebody shoots up a concert.  Given that some recent violent attacks have been committed not just by Muslims

I am commanded by my God to treat all people with love.  I agree with my nation’s most important creed that all men are created equal. 

By those standards, and by my conscience, I have nothing against Muslims.  I reject speech which insults or even categorizes great numbers of Muslims as terrorists or evil. There are 1.6 billion adherents to Islam, and by definition most are peaceful.  

But if you think terrorists give a damn about whether you hate them or not, you’re a fool. and if you think hate speech can be or should be stopped, and free people muzzled just to prevent a few hurt feelings, you’re an idiot.  On the other hand, if there is a way to help Muslims to avoid radicalization, great.  Let’s work on that without nibbling away at the rights of free people.


London Mayor To Set Up Police ‘Online Hate Crime Hub’ In ‘Partnership’ With Social Media Firms

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