Why Do I Have So Many Posts With The Tag ‘Stupid and Evil?’

I’m actually hedging my bets.  In some cases, it’s a tossup between one and the other.  In some others, I know both are at play.

I rarely go to Twitter, but when I do, I find plenty of examples of Stupid and Evil:


I don’t know what kind of gun was being carried by the misunderstood young man who had recently turned his life around, but the muzzle velocity of a 9mm is between 1200 and 1400 f/sec.  This means that if you see the weapon pointed at you, it is probably provably too late.

Often this is not understood, since the only ones who experience this phenomenon are already dead.


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6 Responses to Why Do I Have So Many Posts With The Tag ‘Stupid and Evil?’

  1. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    Bill’s an expert don’t you know. After all, he stormed the beaches of Lebanon

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  2. JorgXMcKie says:

    He also talks to the FBI, fed to fed.


  3. Dr_Mike says:

    Open carry means, like, in a holster on your hip, visible. Not in your hands, ready to use and sweeping people.

    If I pull a gat out of my jacket, hold it in my hands and aim at a cop, this is more accurately described as “brandishing” and “Assault.” Open carry is irrelevant at this point.


    • Minemyown says:

      You can carry in your hand if you have your thumb though the trigger guard and fingers around the barrel, can not fire the weapon when held this way.


  4. Given Bill’s provable lack of trigger discIpline it’s obvious that he retained nothing that he might have been taught in the military about firearms, so it’s hardly surprising that the wiser he tries to appear on the matter the more foolish he comes across as.

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