That’s it! They Have Gone Too Far!

Black Lives Matters to Shut Down Elvis Week

Elvis Week, the annual celebration of the “King of Rock and Roll’s” life at Graceland — Elvis Presley’s home-turned-museum — in Memphis, Tennessee, kicked off last Wednesday, and ends on Tuesday. It will be host to some unplanned activities on August 16. In addition to the scheduled activities including a vigil, an auction, and a gospel concert, the Coalition of Concerned Citizens is planning to crash the festivities with a massive peaceful protest, reports ABC affiliate Local 24.


The Coalition of Concerned Citizens is a collection of various activist groups — Black Lives Matter Memphis Chapter, Memphis Voices for Palestine, New Black Panther Party for Self Defense & Inward Journey, and the Memphis Grass Roots Organization — are among the groups planning to join the peaceful demonstration to highlight several community issues, including the death of Darrius Stewart and economic unfairness.

Darrius Stewart was shot by a Memphis police officer July 2015 when he grabbed the officer’s handcuffs and tried to hit him.  Oddly enough, Stewart wasn’t in all that much trouble, as he was simply a passenger in a car police stopped because of a broken headlight.  Stewart was inside the police car when he started kicking and fighting the officer, according to the police on the scene.  

What does this have to do with Elvis? Nothing.  The shooting was in the area, and Elvis Week is the biggest event around.  Plus Graceland built a luxury hotel with some public money, and it’s not trickling down to the community.

Please Black Lives Matters, leave Elvis alone.

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