Let’s Imagine You’re Gay…

Don’t click away yet.

You’ve organized a Gay Pride Parade in Toronto, because in addition to being gay, you are also Canadian. 

Somebody sneaks into your Gay Canadian Pride Parade and hands out nasty literature which lies about gay people being all HIV positive and other stuff.

What’s it worth to you?  What harm has come to you?  Gimme a dollar figure. (And ignore the US exchange rate.  You’re Canadian.  You drive 100 every day.  Nothing accurately translates into Canadian.)

The owner of a bar in the city’s gay village and former Deputy Premier George Smitherman have launched a class action lawsuit against a group of anti-gay activists who distributed hateful literature during Toronto’s annual pride parade earlier this summer. The lawsuit seeks $104 million in damages from William Whatcott and those who supported him in sneaking into the pride parade and handing out anti-gay literature that it alleges amounted to “hate speech.”

“As a long time gay activist I am outraged that a notorious homophobe infiltrated our pride parade in order to spread his lies and distribute his pamphlets,” Hudspeth, who owns Pegasus on Church, told reporters at a news conference in Ottawa. “Pride needs to be a safe place for everyone. We put up with enough homophobic messaging every day. We deserve a homophobic free zone at our pride parade.”

Whatcott has said that he used an alias to register the Gay Zombies Cannabis Consumer’s Association as a participating group at pride.

[I swear I did NOT make up these names. – Dave]

I don’t wish to slander either gays or Canadians with this note, but this whole thing is not worth 104 million dollars (C) or anything close to it.

Some jerk invades your parade, you put up with it.  You send everybody over to the invaders, until there’s no more literature to hand out, and you toss it.

Pride does not need a safe place.  Pride is an emotion.  Dude, you got punked.  Sadly, in Canada this lawsuit might work. 






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4 Responses to Let’s Imagine You’re Gay…

  1. Neal N. Bob says:

    It won’t work in Canada. While there’s no First Amendment, per se in Canada, fair comment is an established defense. Furthermore, Smitherman would have trouble establishing standing in that there’s no injury specific to him or any potential members of the class action. .

    Granted, I haven’t read the suit itself, and these are very general observations. Nor have I read the offending material.

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  2. Jeanette Victoria says:

    This is simply to harass and nothing more it is just another from of shutuppery No one was harmed. Not to mention Bill was telling the TRUTH have homosexual practice. There is nothing to be about homosexuality that anyone should be proud about!

    “No people on the face of the planet are more intolerant or filled with hatred for those who disagree with them than homosexual activists and their fellow travelers. They are bullies. They feel entitled to be bullies.” Laura Wood


  3. I don’t know much about it, but the Canadians have a civil rights commission or some-such which will punish you for unacceptable speech.


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