Brett Kimberlin, Free Speech and Physical Intimidation

John Hoge published a treasure trove of Brett Kimberlin related documents Sunday. Most were written by Aaron Walker, who is suing Kimberlin and his wife.

Aaron Walker points out two completely different reasons to dislike Brett Kimberlin. One is highbrow, and the other lowbrow.

Let go to the constitutional argument.  Brett Kimberlin sues people who write about him and his history.  If your most interesting biographical fact is that you are responsible for the death of a guy who found the bomb you left at a high school football game… Yeah.  

So Brett sues people.  Hey, we have a First Amendment, right?

Counselor?  (Start at the red arrow.)

Walker Reasons to dislike K

Yup.  If Brett Kimberlin can file criminal complaints against people for honest reporting of his activities, then shut down the internet, because no one is safe.  

Just in case you still wonder why Aaron Walker is so motivated concerning Brett Kimberlin, there’s this incident from March 2013, which I had forgotten.  It’s one of many lowbrow reason to dislike Brett Kimberlin.  Aaron Walker:

Walker Reason number two

I believe that Aaron Walker told the truth in this document. I also believe that Kimberlin is the worst kind of bully — picking a woman to intimidate while her husband was at a legal hearing inside a courthouse.  

I also believe that all of his bullying needs to stop, and a judge needs to do it.

The coming weeks should be interesting for Team Free Speech.  Good luck to Aaron and John. 

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1 Response to Brett Kimberlin, Free Speech and Physical Intimidation

  1. monitor2112 says:

    Ah yes. And despite the pleas of ignorance from Kimberlin, those very pictures ended up on BreitbartUnmasked shortly afterwards. He claims that he took no pictures, IIRC. He definitely denies providing anything to BreitbartUnmasked. To hear him tell it, he doesn’t even know what is on the breitbartunmasked website.

    My prayers go with both John and Aaron during these difficult times.


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