Just lookin’ for answers

Hey everyone. I’m still out here and still getting started on an epic bike ride. At this point, though, the starting is going to out-epic the ride itself. I’m in Halifax, Nova Scotia enjoying the cooler weather a lot living in an uninhabited-for-the-summer college dorm room at $22 a night. Tuition here at this school that I will not name out of a sense of pity is about 20 times what mine was per year as an out of state student at University of Kentucky in 1970. This room is crappier by far than my freshman dorm at good old Haggin Hall. Go figure.

So here’s what’s up. I am ready to go, except for the resupply of meds Heather mailed me by Priority International First Class (or some such) mail over a week and a half ago. Apparently included in the megabuck range postage she paid was a side trip by my meds to San Francisco for an unexplained four days. Now they are in the hands somewhere (per USPS tracking) of Canadian customs, which is probably sending one of each out for analysis. We can’t have any drugged up hoser bicyclists on our minor roads, eh? Take off!

So my blog is close to up to date, the bike is ready, and I’m bored, if such a thing is possible in a pretty nifty city in a place- Nova Scotia- I hold as one of the most scenic and wonderful in the world. The latest blog post is here:

Question of the Day 8/13/16

Thanks for taking a look. Oh, and I fart in Team Kimberlin’s general direction (just to keep in practice).

David Edgren

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