John Hoge’s Team Kimberlin Post of the Day and the Kimberlin Effect

Without continued hair brained legal filings by Team Kimberlin, Hogewash! and many of the rest of us would be reduced to reporting that:

  • Brett Kimberlin blew a guy’s leg off with a bomb in 1978 and now runs a non-profit
  • Bill Schmalfeldt has written some nasty things online


The Streisand effect is a well-known phenomenon where the attempt to censor something becomes a reason for others to share it.  

The Kimberlin Effect is the phenomenon where the attempt to quiet online commentary becomes lawsuits, which then become more newsworthy, and creates more material for discussion.

Team Kimberlin has both created an audience for, and material for, blogs like Hogewash!, Billysez, Thinking Man’s Zombie and Dave Alexander and Company.

And yes, I did just link this blog from this blog.



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3 Responses to John Hoge’s Team Kimberlin Post of the Day and the Kimberlin Effect

  1. Jeanette Victoria says:

    Troll are under the delusion that they can control what gets propagated across the net. If they make vulgar and vile posts they will get reposted and the trolls will be seen as the monsters they are. Lawfare to censor will only increase the Streisand effect. I jut leave these here…


  2. JeffM says:

    To be fair, this blog and Hogewash have topics other than the Kimberlin crew. And Billysez and TMZ have specialized in the world’s (unintentionally) funniest man and devote very little space to the others. And the selection by Ash and Paul is wise because Willie is the smartest and most articulate of the group. For example, he has not spent years in the pen. For another example, I believe I read something from Witless using the word “impute” correctly, a word with two syllables, a skill found rarely among his friends and family.

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  3. Oh, yes, absolutely. We’d all find better things to write about and do. My point of course is that while Team Knucklehead can never control the content or volume of our blogs, the’d be a much less interesting story — with much less content — if they avoided all the lawsuits.


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