Grumpy Teachers Make Things Worse; Minorities and Poor Hardest Hit

Negative attention reinforces negative behavior, new study shows.  Really?  No kidding.

A new report from the University of Missouri suggests that students who receive more negative attention from their teachers in turn experience more problems in terms of emotional regulation, concentration and disruptive behaviors.

Children at work 4

If you yell at me one more time, I will shove this felt-tip marker in your eye.

Previous research has shown the importance of positive student-teacher interactions in order to support behavioral and academic outcomes for students.  The new study, performed by researchers at University of Missouri College of Education, introduces a new method for the observation and measurement of teacher interaction with each child in the classroom.

After testing the method on a number of K-3 classrooms, associate professor of educational, school and counseling psychology Wendy Reinke noted that students who had received more negative attention from teachers in turn had a greater number of issues concerning emotional regulation, concentration and disruptive behavior. [Or the same kids who have issues of emotional regulation…and so on…get the attention of teachers. — Dave]

In addition, researchers noted that teachers were typically more likely to give negative attention to African-American students, boys, and students who receive free or reduced price lunches.

Teachers who yell, or speak negatively at kids don’t really last in my opinion.  However, there are a lot of students with no idea about how to establish any kind of relationship with students.  

Classroom behavior management is 90% of the daily job.  35% is paperwork and PTA stuff.  10% is choosing materials and planning.  The other half is NOT strangling your administrator.

Remember the vice principal in Breakfast Club?  I’ve met him, he teaches High School English, his kids hate him and he is just punching the clock.  His resentment prevents him from establishing a normal, trusting relationship with students, and he can’t see why that’s important.

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One Response to Grumpy Teachers Make Things Worse; Minorities and Poor Hardest Hit

  1. gmhowell says:

    Vernon was the principal, not vice principal.

    And yes, dealing with the little darlings and admin were the worst.


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