True Fact

As a child, I believed that the ABC’s had a string of letters which said “Lemon yellow pee.” I have discovered two other students who also say it this way.  

Dave Alexander - September 1968

I would give real money to take a drive in Dad’s old beige station wagon. With him driving, of course.

You may notice that my sister got a lunchbox, but I just got a bag.  Looking to the left, you can just about make out my older brother’s shirt.  It matched mine. 

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1 Response to True Fact

  1. Paul Krendler says:

    I’ll bet your sister got a lunchbox because she kept her room clean all summer, said “Please” and “Thank you” so often you wanted to puke, and never came in the house with muddy shoes.

    The b*tch.

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