They Are The Only One’s Who Should Have Handguns



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5 Responses to They Are The Only One’s Who Should Have Handguns

  1. If they did indeed chase the animal until it was too exhausted to avoid the cart, in addition to losing their jobs, they should be facing animal abuse charges. I’m leaning towards never allowing them to own guns again either since the abuse of animals often leads to the abuse of other humans.


  2. If you are stupid in one area of your life, it will eventually become obvious in other areas.


  3. Is the headline referring to the woodchucks?

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  4. JeffM says:

    I simply do not understand the arguments against the death penalty. These two idiots, assuming what is alleged is proved, should have their elbows, wrists, and knees smashed with sledgehammers and then be fed to Komodo dragons. If by accident Witless Willie were substituted for the passenger, I’d feel sorry for the Komodo dragon. (For the many of you unfamiliar with Komodo dragons, their bite is poisonous, and they simply follow the bitten prey around until it collapses before chowing down. My recollection is that the Komodos do not bother to wait for death before snacking: dragons of all varieties are seldom delicate in their feeding. I have heard, however, that Komodo dragons find too much mayonnaise to be a bit declasse for their palates so they might be leisurely when consuming Witless.)


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