Will Bill Schmalfeldt Apologize?

Gus Bailey Wonders:

Three steps:  Admission of error, Expression of regret, Effort to correct.  These amount to a true and earnest apology.

Forgiveness is the gift of giving up resentment or claim to requital.

I would note that forgiveness is not predicated on an apology, it can be freely given; but that no one should expect forgiveness without a true and earnest apology.

Gus refers to the handful of people who have told short bits of their experience with Bill. Look at comments here. If he wanted to start making things right, he could start with Dianna:

Dianna August 9, 2016 at 10:09 am
I have not forgotten that he threatened to publish my address, house pictures, my phone numbers, “the works”. I shan’t forget, or forgive, his frivolously suing my employer. I am not vengeful, but I don’t discount experience, and I keep an exact tally.

So shut up and go away, and maybe, if you are very lucky, you will merely be forgotten.

Phone train.

The careful reader will note that there are no caveats in the definition of apology.  There is no room for cross blaming or amelioration of the error; there is no tack on for excuses or ‘if onlys’.  Additionally, forgiveness does not require forgetfulness.  Only a fool would not close the door to prevent the cat from stealing the milk again.

Now,  Bill has other cases laid out against him in a post below.  I know of others, but these are plainly stated.

That does not mean that he doesn’t have claims to make himself; he may even have claims against some of these.  However, I have NEVER seen him clearly articulate the ‘who, what and when’ of any of them.  Until that time he needs to be still and contemplate whether he would seek the forgiveness of these people and that of the Lord.

The fouls have been made clear; will he be the man he believes himself to be?

I don’t think Bill will apologize.  I am convinced that Bill Schmalfeldt believes he is the injured party, and that nothing he has written or done has outweighed the things done to him.He is wrong, of course, but we’re used to that.


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16 Responses to Will Bill Schmalfeldt Apologize?

  1. Easein says:

    God’ll sort him out right after his last breath.
    Till then? He makes the world smell of sewer, and will continue to do so.

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  2. Onlooker says:

    He’s pleased and proud of his antics, lies, and pestering that won’t change, his regrets will only be related to,getting caught. Even then I think he likes the attention.

    Besides, http://youtu.be/ZSM3w1v-A_Y

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  3. JeffM says:

    Fundamentally, Witless Willie acts as though saying anything not in accord with his image of himself as intelligent, talented, witty, and decent is a horrible wrong. He actively tries to have people who mock those illusions fired from their jobs or even jailed and seems avid to have their loved ones subjected to physical and sexual abuse. He has convinced me that he is funny only unintentionally and is without talent or decency of any kind or degree.

    I do concede, however, that Witless may hold the world’s record for being unintentionally funny. Who can forget the exhibition of impotent rage and palpable fear accompanied by submissions of absurd motions (one even supported by an affidavit from a convicted perjurer) when the people against whom he had brought suit (in the wrong state for a tort not recognized in that state) had the gall to be represented by an actual lawyer who had passed the bar. I laughed until I literally had tears in my eyes.

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  4. BusPassOffice says:

    Your answer almost ten years ago, years before he met John, abused his readers at liberal blogs


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  5. BusPassOffice says:

    Bill Whining about his rights on someone elses’s blog and that HE NEEDS to be able to get into their face, folks HE NEEDS IT!


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  6. BusPassOffice says:

    They called him Twitchy the Kid Toucher:

    Comments like this maybe why:


    It’s a bone thrown to us by Ryan so we have a place to discuss things that don’t involve teenaged masturbation, how often it’s performed, what was thought about during the act, and what random obscene non-sequitirs we can spout after commission of the act.


    • And may I point out that Bill Schmalfeldt may have been called many things in his life, plenty of them untrue. BPO may in fact have hit on a valuable and interesting trend: the inability of Bill Schmalfeldt to coexist in a community online without eventually becoming the butt of nasty names. Not blaming Bill for this, but it is a long term data point. If your cousin got beat up no matter what bar he wandered into, you’d score it as a person flaw on his part.

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  7. BusPassOffice says:

    Overshare Bill making fun of his surgery – BUT DONT YOU DO IT THERE IS NO GREATER SIN ON THE EARTH!!!!

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  8. BusPassOffice says:

    Probably the most disgusting post evah by Bill, talking about his mom’s soiled panty hose and how they are great for making soup – yes I threw up a little in my mouth – okay a lot


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  9. BusPassOffice says:

    If you are still looking for those apologies Read this thread


    They let him go, they didn’t let him back, perhaps if he hadn’t talked about straining soup through his mother soiled underware or wanting to rape a teenager – he might have had a chance.

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  10. one handle and stick to it says:

    The only way Bill Schmalfeldt will manage to squeeze out an apology is when:
    1) His victims start filing police reports about Billy’s criminal behavior
    2) Schmalfeldt is arrested for said behavior
    3) Schmalfeldt is convicted of his crimes
    4) Schmalfeldt needs to beg a criminal judge for mercy before sentencing
    The apology won’t be sincere, naturally.

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  11. theman9876 says:

    Holy Crap!! Proof that Bill Schmalfeldt has been an asshole most of his adult life. This helps explain why Bill has no successful IRL relationships with friends or family. He just doesn’t have the interpersonal social skills required to participate in group environments. Nice find BPO.

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  12. A prediction: A Tweet by Bill stating that we’ve become obsessed with ten year old posts. In fact, we’re just grateful that there is long-term evidence of a behavior which can’t be blamed upon stress over Hoge, advancing disease, multiple web sites, stress over civil lawsuits…

    Discussing the value of satellite radio and the use of bumpers/jingles and nostalgia over old terrestrial radio stations.. It gets ugly so fast.

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