Forgery? Forget it Jake, It’s Maryland

Has Brett Kimberlin scribbled his wife’s name on documents he files with various courts? John Hoge published two documents which were theoretically signed by Tetyana Kimberlin:


The one below is a signature on a motion to seal documents, and shows two distinct names.  It looks like Tanya, followed by a capital P and some loop dee loops.

The second signature is from an August 8th document filed with the Montgomery County Court.  It is significantly different.

Look at the T in the first example.  The top is perpendicular to the line.  In the second — and in other samples I’ve seen, the T is at an angle compared to the bottom of the page, or the rest of the signature.  I’ve seen the nearly random L-shapes in other Tetyana signatures.

There is that specific loop connecting the top of the T and the stem. In the second example, it looks casual.  As if the writer drags the pen across the page after drawing the stem.  Or reverse order.  In the top example, it looks like the writer added the  loop afterwards.  Look at the upper left corner of the signature:

Source: Alexander Labs Electron Microscope

TETYANA motion to seal 7 11 ZOOM.png

Oddly, this is also a match for the hair found in the hat left behind O.J. Simpson’s guest house, along with one bloody glove.

To my untrained and bloodshot eyes, one of these signatures seems to be written in an entirely different way from the other.  I would suggest that either further analysis is needed, Brett Kimberlin needs to stop signing his wife’s name, or Tetyana might want to start signing things in a more uniform fashion.  

As far as ever making a case for forgery, fraud or defrauding the court, reread the title.

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