Bill Schmalfeldt, Again

Bill Schmalfeldt responds to this post.  He addresses some of my comments, but I ‘m willing to ignore most of his objections.  Just one: I don’t have a donation widget. Be polite to dead family in comments please.  

A couple comments.

You know what “Royal Jelly” is, don’t you? It’s a food the worker bees make for the Queen to consume.
I do not “demand no contact.” Folks should feel free to write and disagree. I’m just not going to take any more filthy representations of my late wife or vile and vulgar defamation about my life sitting down. Again, folks have the right to pen whatever mistruths they care to peddle on their blogs. I am not interesting in following through with any lawsuits. I am getting older and PD is taking its toll. (Can you think of anything more ironic than suddenly learning you are lactose intolerant while living in “America’s Dairyland?”) 
The other sexual references you refer to are a product of your imagination, sir, not mine. I could have said one more bullet in the gun, one more missile in the silo, one more rock in the bushel basket, whatever metaphor one would care to use.
Let’s go back to the “do not contact me” demand. Not what I am asking for. I am asking that contact be kept on a civil basis. I know Gail is dead. She has been for 14 months. This fact never escapes my notice. I am not a drunk, and if I were it would not be from Johnny Walker Red.
I still believe the court had no authority to order me to stop @mentioning Hoge. But I’m not fighting that battle any more.
None of my lawsuits had the intent of “shutting people up.” There is a difference between free speech and defamatory speech. I have the right to hold people accountable for untrue, defamatory comments. As do you. As does everyone.
Why is it necessary to document my “silliness”? When I take a look at Hoge’s blog, I get called out for “Logins” even when those logins happened during hours when I was sound asleep. Sarah Palmer reserves the right unto herself to distort things I’ve written to suit her preconceived notions. (Really, kiddie stalker? When did I stalk the kid?) 
There are thousands of blogs online written by far more disconnected and dangerous individuals than your humble correspondent. But a few of you have noted that the mention of my name means readers, and that could lead to bumps in the donation widgets.
I look at a person’s blog, that’s stalking?
The Hoggypot blog shows the lengths many of you went to in order to track my every move, my every thought, your plans to cause me emotional distress… 
I’ve changed blog locations numerous times in the hopes that people would lose track of me and leave me alone. But that is too much to ask, I guess.
So, all I am saying is this, Dave.
I have a legal weapon that I have not used. As long as people keep their filth inside their own blogs and not in my comment section, or on my Twitter timeline, or on my Facebook account, folks will have nothing to worry about.
The next time someone sends me a tub of horse shit, a shit-scented candle, a jail uniform, a photo of a woman being raped post-autopsy with my face superimposed into the photo indicating my support of such activities… I will use that weapon made available to me by the state of Wisconsin.
Ask yourself how you would feel if your wife, kids, students, family stumbled across an Encyclopedia Dramatica page that claimed you ass raped your late wife in an outhouse?
I think an honest appraisal of the harm I’ve done — the ACTUAL harm I’ve done — wouldn’t even tip the scales when measured against the real and permanent harm done to me and to people who loved Gail almost as much as I did. 
You’ve all come down on the conclusion that any indignity done to me or my family is justified… because. Just, because.
The next time someone crosses the line from THEIR world into MINE with THAT kind of filth? They will not like what happens.
But let’s be clear… I am not demanding “no contact.” Help yourself. But be adults about it.




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71 Responses to Bill Schmalfeldt, Again

  1. theman9876 says:

    Bill Schmalfeldt is absolutely delusional if he thinks this is an honest assessment of his current situation. Does he really believe that calling someone a name on their own blog is worse than contacting multiple of his victims employers? How about someones church or pastor? What about the local law enforcement agencies? What about a living spouse or even someones aging parents? Soon to be ex-spouces? How about filing multiple bogus complaints with a state’s bar association? Bill, do you really think that having your deceased wife mocked on websites you must go to to see those joke, is really as bad as the above actions you have taken against your victims? You have rationalized and justified these attempts to negatively effect your victims in real life. You have continued to try to damage your enemies personal lives for over a decade.

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  2. Dr_Mike says:

    Ah, the return of “Being Reasonable” Bill. He actually writes like he believes his drivel. No, he’s never done anything to anyone. Not him. He’s as pure as the yellow snow.

    Nine from five. Yeah, you don’t rack up nine restraining orders without doing something exceptionally bad. If Bill had kept his filth on his own blogs, as he now demands everyone else do, he would not be under any restraining orders.

    Mmmm, beer-battered fried cheese curds are delicious.

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  3. Sam says:

    If Bill could just keep himself in this stage of then Schmycle he could probably live the rest of his days in a certain level of happiness…but it will astound all who know him if that turns out to be the case. No, his need to attempt to humiliate and degrade imagined enemies (ineffectively, but still) will force him into flailing away through the other stages; Tough Guy Bill, I have you now Bill, You’re killing me Bill, Let’s make a deal Bill, Above it all Bill, Rebranding Bill, Perry Mason Bill, Nostradumbass Bill, Rage Virus Bill, I vant to be left alone Bill, Everytime I try to get out you pull me back in Bill, Butt Stuff Bill, etc etc etc

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  4. monitor2112 says:

    Yep…to those of us who have been following the adventures of Cabin Boy™ for more than a week or two we recognize different aspects of Bill’s delusions…above, as noted, we have “Being Reasonable” Bill with a soupcon of “You’re Killing Me” Bill. Predictable.

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  5. Oh, if only this Reasonable Bill, saying some actually reasonable things, had made his appearance sooner. The reasonable tone making ridiculous demands and accusations was as reasonable as it got, until now.
    Too late. Murum Aries Attigit. How much is that damned piper going to cost? Pray for merely injunctive relief, Reasonable Bill!

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  6. A Reader #1 says:

    Bill Schmalfeldt is lying. He is in his “i’m just a dapper retired gent with PD and I want to be left alone” phase. It is a phase he has gone through many times, to different degrees of intensity. The last time this occurred in a major way, he was writing “Confessions of an Internet Troll.” We know how that turned out. Some reminders:
    1. He has never just “taken it.” He has sued assorted people seven times.
    2. He sent himself the tub of horse poop – he confessed to that on his blog.
    3. No one comments on his blogs, because he doxes people. Whoever is leaving comments is either Bill, himself, an associate, or an inknown troll.
    4. Bill confessed to being Paul Krendler and writing “vile, filthy things,” which includes nasty comments about his own late wife.
    5. His late wife was unaware of any alleged comments – he admitted that he never told her.
    6. Her family was unaware of any alleged comments until shortly after her death, when BS tried to weaponize her grieving family by sending them to BillySez, a blog where family is off limits, and they were treated with respect.
    7. Lactose intolerance is common, literally billions of people have it, and it is not caused by PD.
    8. A month ago, he stated on Facebook that he had 20-30 years left, and wanted to date. Now, it appears, the light of life is dimming once again.
    9. He has caused profound, irreparable harm to many people by:
    Contacting their employers in an attempt to get them fired
    Contacting their pastors
    Threatening to destroy the businesses of his adversaries, including that of an innocent, uninvolved wife
    Threatening to use LEOs to have children taken away
    Calling the elderly and feeble parents of someone he falsely accused of being Paul Krendler
    Sending mass emails to unknown persons with a ghoulish photo of his late wife in a hospital bed, a photo that appears to have been taken surreptitiously and in violation of hospital policy
    Contacting spouses during divorce proceedings, and publishing private information
    Threatening to contact the commanding officer of someone’s child, and having that uninvolved child “dragged out” of boot camp and up to Wisconsin
    Publicly and falsely accusing parent of neglect and child abuse
    Reporting innocent parents to numerous state and federal agencies
    Publishing sealed court documents
    Writing derogatory comments about the spouses/boyfriends of his opponents, including accusing them of being prostitutes, mail order brides, drug addicts and by mocking their appearance – they are always too fat or too thin in his mind.
    Misidentifying and libeling over six different people by accusing them of being Howard Earl or Jerry Fletcher, which included implying that one man was a child molester, and phoning another misidentified man at home, whose 12 year old daughter answered the phone.
    Racking up 9 restraining orders in 5 states on behalf of his victims, who he deems nonexistent.

    The above is a short list. As for his Twitter handles, BS blames those frequent changes on all of us, when the evidence clearly shows that the overwhelming majority of his known 170+ twitter handle changes predated the involvement of anyone he calls lickspittles, or occurred because he started a new blog or internet show, and was admittedly “rebranding.”

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    • Just A Thought says:

      Don’t forget publishing someone’s address and a video tour of their home after a 3rd party made a “troublesome priest” rape threat against his wife.

      But pictures and a prison costume are somehow worse.

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    • AReader,

      Can you retrace your list and imagine what kind of time it would take to support each incident with evidence? Many of them are still available in original form at websites. Others are archived.
      The point I’m making is that these incidents are not just wild-eyed accusations. Much of this is easily proven to anyone who will listen, and look at the evidence. On the other hand, who would take the time? In what gonzo-world would these things be debated? Not in court, because he never gets beyond a motion to dismiss.

      AReader responded but the comment has not gone through:

      A couple weeks, with help, Dave. Some of the people mentioned above, like AgileDog, will have archived info pertinent to their situations.

      AReader, can you email me about this? dgalexander1963 is the first part of my gmail address.

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    • Gus Bailey says:

      Sweet Carina. (I have no idea who that is, it just sounds good).

      When you lay it all out like that, AR1, you make it very, very difficult to motivate myself to pray for him today.

      Oh, and Dave’ right; there’s support with context for every point AR makes.

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    • Ashterah says:

      Amazing. And he wonders why we keep evidence of all the things he has done. To him it’s stalking. To us it’s evidence preservation.

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  7. A Reader #1 says:

    As for the “weapon made available by the state of Wisconsin,” he will try to get the state involved by claiming that he is in a protected class and the victim of harassment.

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  8. Just A Thought says:

    And if noting his logins offends him, then he should stop reading those sites. And if he continues, then it’s his own fault, not the poster”s fault.

    That was, after all, his advice to others when he offended them.

    But Bill is unable to take his own advice.

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    • Bill has always had double standards.

      He can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and it’s OK, because his heart is as pure as the driven snow.
      No one else can do the same things to him because that’s just mean and heartless and a Federal Crime!

      I know that what he did to me was almost nothing compared to what many others here and elsewhere have suffered at his hands. But…. That doesn’t mean that I will ever forget. I may get around to forgiving, but based on his documented behaviour over the last decade-plus, it would be like forgiving a rabid dog – it doesn’t matter. You still have to put the metaphorical beast down to prevent it from harming anyone else.

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  9. agiledog says:

    Bill Schmalfeldt spews: “You’ve all come down on the conclusion that any indignity done to me or my family is justified… because. Just, because.
    The next time someone crosses the line from THEIR world into MINE with THAT kind of filth? They will not like what happens.

    How about the time he crossed the line into my wife’s space with filth and threats? Yes, whatever is done to him is justified, because of what he has done. People treat Bill Schmalfeldt the way they do because he is the kind of person he is. Evil. Stupid.

    And alone. Hahahahaha….

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  10. Loren says:

    The logins one is funny from a disinterested party’s view. One, other than the tag, no mention of Bill is ever made in the post, in comments sometimes, yes, but not the post. Two, whether true, or total fiction or something in between, who the F really cares how many times Bill looks at a public website. He “doth protest too much!” for it not to be a mostly correct representation. We have observed how confused he is by the Zulu time zone. But it simply underscores how much he seeks out the butt-hurt.

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  11. BusPassOffice says:

    Bill threatening people with THE HALLS OF JUSTICE misusing his position at the government to threaten free speech 8 plus years ago

    So rinse repeat, rinse repeat

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  12. BusPassOffice says:

    Annnd threatening to file over 24,000 criminal complaints if someone doesn’t do as he wants

    (the irony meter flipped me the bird just before detonation)

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  13. BusPassOffice says:

    Deelicious irony where Bill again KNOWS THE LAW

    Note the reply where they offered to send him proof of his “child touching”


    Creepy child pornography graphic anal rape 8 years ago


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  14. BusPassOffice says:

    Wednesday school of Journalism, 6/7 lost lawsuits and 9 restraining orders later still as clueless as he was 8 years ago he was still arguing the same and threatening the same:

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  15. BusPassOffice says:

    Bill 8 years ago accused of making comments under his enemies names like he’s done to me on and to others


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  16. Dianna says:

    He’s a one-track pony, but he does that trick with pride!

    Apologies to Paul Simon.

    Phone, misidentified bus,

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  17. BusPassOffice says:



    Bill threatens the owner of the blog like he does John, and many others for others acts

    Now, this has all been a lot of fun. But Casey, you always seem to take it just one step too far.

    So, here’s what we need to do.

    We need you to admit that you were “just kidding” about the “kid touching” remark. You know it’s false, and you know that folks in here know my actual identity, and you’re sorry for any potential damage you may have caused my reputation and my standing as a government employee with a security clearance. That’s some serious shit there, Casey. And if you think I am gonna do NOTHING while some grease-covered slacker damages my actual reputation and jeopardizes my employment and my ability to care for my family, well, sir, then you are FAR more stupid than I actually believe you are.

    Once that is done, you can post some funny, funny avatar that makes fun of me, and we can all move on.

    If not, then I will do what I have to do to protect my reputation and my livelihood.



    Now’s the time to cut the shit, Casey. For your sake. For Ryan’s sake.

    Note the security clearance – riiiight

    The Tea Party guy writes Bill right back!!!! Accusing Bill of writing the following:

    Admit you were kidding about me:

    1. Having sex with my Mom’s dirty laundry
    2. Being a kid toucher
    3. Living in my parents basement
    4.Being on parole
    5. being a convict
    6. Not being able to come within 100 feet of a school yard
    7. Creating a user account pretending to be me.
    8. Spreading it around that I was arrested and went to jail.
    This is a partial list.
    10, that I was homeless
    11. that I buy Hookers
    12. That I pleasure men
    13. That my anus has been damaged
    14. That I never read War and Peace, when twitchy himself couldn’t identify properly who the author was.

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    • Indeed. Why would an NIH PR flack need a security clearance? And if he did, why was he jeopardizing it by posting obscene, threatening posts on a non-work-related board during work hours?

      Just further proof of his rich fantasy life in his own little Pretendy-Land.

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      • The 13th Duke of Wymbourne says:

        It’s to access the super-secret exonerations of most excellent friends.

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      • gmhowell says:

        Maybe it was a public trust. Or simply a background check.

        On Wed, Aug 10, 2016 at 1:43 PM, Dave Alexander & Company with David Edgren and Gus Bailey – The Artisan Craft Blog wrote:

        > librarygryffon commented: “Indeed. Why would an NIH PR flack need a > security clearance? And if he did, why was he jeopardizing it by posting > obscene, threatening posts on a non-work-related board during work hours? > Just further proof of his rich fantasy life in his own little P” >

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      • Paul Krendler says:


        In terms of diplomatic protocol, he was the equivalent of an Army major (dickhead) or something!

        Don’t dis the GS-13!

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  18. BusPassOffice says:

    Oh so here’s the first use of a picture that Bill posted publically and people apparently used for satire looong before he threatened to sue people for it

    Still rank it number 1 – but the others were noble efforts

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    • This Other Latin F*cker says:

      A gold mine showing that Bill has been pulling the same lame shit for years. Nobody bought his tough guy act even back then. As one commenter told him, “You have to admit TJO that you ask for it, can’t take it, then cry foul.

      That is just my opinion in the matter. Please do not sue me.”

      Yep they had him figured out long before we were aware of the puss bag.

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  19. BusPassOffice says:


    And Bill whining great stuff……

    Oh he’s bringing up the DEEP POCKETS threat

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  20. BusPassOffice says:

    In a thread about homosexuality bill mentions his twin died, but read for yourself a liberal telling him off (too bad the people at DU didn’t read this first before allowing Bill on their site)

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    • BusPassOffice says:

      I meant the DailKos, the Examiner, PoliticalForum, Liberland, DU, and all the numerous places he got the boot on the left

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      • gmhowell says:

        This sounds to me like the LEOs he supposedly talked to last week (or the week before? Or last year?) told him to pound sand.

        And if the delusional fuckstick weren’t pissing away money on electronic accordions, he could buy some lactaid for when he just can’t refrain from stuffing his gob with dairy.

        On Wed, Aug 10, 2016 at 11:39 AM, Dave Alexander & Company with David Edgren and Gus Bailey – The Artisan Craft Blog wrote:

        > BusPassOffice commented: “I meant the DailKos, the Examiner, > PoliticalForum, Liberland, DU, and all the numerous places he got the boot > on the left” >

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  21. BusPassOffice says:

    In 2007 what almost a DECADE AGO – sensitive tender Bill wants people to wish that he would die….

    freaking hilariousness broke out

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    • BusPassOffice says:

      one of the almost instantaneous replies – as funny as they come:

      I happen to like the Jovial Emprasario a great deal. he is opinionated, insultive, grossly out of shape, he smells of old cat food, misplaced his neck years ago and… well, I love him like a brother, or a creepy uncle that visits a lot.

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  22. onlooker says:

    I just want to note how “I need a drink” Bill altered “I don’t drink” to “I’m not a drunk.” He’s still not telling the truth, but then, drunks often deceive themselves.

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  23. monitor2112 says:

    Bill shares everything about his life….history tells us this…so why has there been No Hint of a doctor’s appointment since he moved to Wisconsin. Nothing.

    Having P.D. I’m sure that a doctor’s routine visits are pretty much mandatory. Also he loves to weaponize what his doctor tells him…Ya know how it is taking years off his life, etc. Haven’t really seen or heard that in awhile. Sure. He has claimed it is taking years off his life, but not because an official doctor has said so.

    All circumstancial evidence, I know. Still it makes ya wonder, doesn’t It?

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  24. monitor2112 says:

    Correction….apparently he went to the doctors today. My mistake

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  25. JeffM says:


    I am glad that you gave Witless a forum. I certainly will not go to any of his sites, but it is kind of you to give him from time to time a place to respond because his responses are just so funny.

    Have I reached certain conclusions about him? You bet I have. Am I willing once in a while to read his attempted explanations about why my conclusions are wrong? Sure. I’m retired and have time for nonsense.

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