Gender Unicorn – No Kidding

It saves me time when people become self-mocking.

The Christian Post:

A North Carolina school district’s pro-LGBT character the “gender unicorn” is being used for a training session in which faculty are told parental involvement may not be required for students struggling with gender identity issues.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools had recently approved measures to allow transgender students access to the public facilities of their choice, in defiance of state law, before backing off for now.

Included in their plans for the new measures was a recently released training presentation for faculty that featured the “gender unicorn” character.

The training presentation suggests that the degree of parental involvement in the plan will be determined in part by the student.

“Involvement of parents in the plan is determined in working with the student, considering the student’s age and health, wellbeing and safety concerns,” the training states, according to

In a Facebook message posted Friday, Rev. [Franklin] Graham denounced the school district character, calling it an effort “to try to brainwash our children into accepting that homosexuality and transgender behavior is okay.”

[The Franklin Graham Evangelistic Association is local to Charlotte. — Dave]

It was the Charlotte City Council which started a lot of the NC bathroom controversy when they determined that bathrooms, like gender are a choice.  The General Assembly responded, with HB2.

Now we can’t get a decent concert, and people think conservatives in NC are idiots.  Conservatives didn’t think up the Gender Unicorn.


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