Trump Policy Speech as Interpreted by Patterico

Before the speech has been delivered — which is a neat trick.

Trump to Deliver Major Policy Speech

If that headline doesn’t make you laugh, you haven’t been paying attention. The headline could just as well read: “Trump to Awkwardly Read Off TelePrompTer Set of Positions He Does Not Care About Because They Are Not About How Great He Supposedly Is.” Bloomberg reports:

Donald Trump will propose a temporary moratorium on new financial regulations in an economic speech Monday in Detroit in an effort to draw a stark contrast with the domestic policies of Hillary Clinton, who he says “punishes” the American economy.TRUMPCOLOR.png

Of course, I don’t believe for one moment that he would do any of these things. I don’t think he understands what they are. And if he gets elected, his establishment buddies will tell him what’s what, and he will fall in line — because he doesn’t care about any of this stuff.

Actually, I kinda agree.  The problem about Trump isn’t that he lies, or that he has unpopular views, or that his ideas will hurt America.

The problem with Trump is that he might not even believe or understand much of what he’s talking about.  He’s not stupid.  I think he has just risen to his level of incompetence.  I don’t know that he’s all that interested in the nuts and bolts of governing.  

But it’s a major, major policy speech.  Best evah.

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11 Responses to Trump Policy Speech as Interpreted by Patterico

  1. A Reader #1 says:

    Ah, Patterico, that crackerjack judge of human nature who, back in 2008, described Obama as a “good man.”

    No, Trump’s not stupid. He doesn’t believe he’s been to 57 states, with one more to go. He doesn’t say “corpse-men.” He didn’t strap his dog in a crate to the roof of his car, or chase down a kid and cut his hair off. Maybe if he’d done those things, the establishment would find him acceptable.

    He’s a billionaire, whose business successes outshine his business failures. He ran a successful campaign on a shoestring budget. He went to Wharton, and raised intelligent and successful kids. He has a history of generous donations to charity, and quietly helping people out, like housing Jennifer Hudson and her child, for free, in a Trump hotel after her family was murdered. Why, that selfish, racist scoundrel! Clearly, Patterico is his superior in every way.

    I understand why the left hates him- he’s not Hillary. But many on the right hate him with a passion that they have not directed at Obama or Hillary, who are personally responsible for ISIS, the destruction of three countries, hundreds of thousands dead, millions displaced, and an American ambassador raped, tortured, murdered, and dragged through the streets. But Trump is “boorish.” He has a “bad tone.” He’s “orange.” He’s not a “real conservative,” like our current House and Senate, which fully funded Obama’s budget, including Planned Babyparts, “refugee” resettlement, and Obamacare, and wants to pass the TPP. Oh, yes, Obamacare, whose publicly acknowledged godfather was that other staunch conservative, Mitt Romney, who accepted Trump’s endorsement, money, and campaigning in 2012, only to stab him in the back this year. The loyalty of a real conservative like Romney brings a tear to my eye.

    I voted for these so-called conservatives, including McCain who, unlike Trump, is a resounding financial success, because he made his money the old-fashioned way, by divorcing his first wife and marrying a younger rich one. His womanizing doesn’t count, however, because he’s acceptable. And why did I vote for them? Because they were better than the alternatives, they won the primaries, and I followed Reagan’s advice to hold the attacks once the party had a nominee.

    What I have learned is that there is ONE party with a power sharing agreement, with a list of who is acceptable and who is not. There is not a whit of difference between the policies and beliefs of Paul Ryan and Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton is clearly ill, she lies about Benghazi, emails, and her role in destabilizing the Middle East, but Republican elites don’t discuss this – instead, they tone police Trump, discuss nude modeling photos of his wife, denigrate his successful businesses, critique his tanning practices, accuse him of being a Putin stooge, and flat out lie about things he says and does.

    One party, not two. The only other person that I’ve seen on the receiving end of something close to this much hatred from her own party is Sarah Palin.

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    • Neal N. Bob says:

      I don’t have a dog in this fight, but I’ll make one point; Trump’s lying. About pretty much everything.

      The ONLY thing that he’s been consistent about is trade, and his solutions make no sense whatsoever.

      Here, in a nutshell, is the Trump platform: “America is a borderless, dystopian shithole, $21 trillion in debt, where criminals and foreigners run wild in the street and no one has a job. BUT I’m going to renegotiate our trade deals.”

      What truly amazes me is that no one has asked why anyone would agree to reopen negotiations about anything with a country so obviously on the verge of economic, social and moral collapse, especially with a president who just couldn’t figure out how to make a dollar with casinos.

      As a Canadian, I will work mightily for the actual physical destruction of any government that agreed with such negotiations.

      We signed a free trade deal with the United States in 1988. In fact, the first vote I ever cast was in support of it. And what did I get for my trouble? Ever four years, I got to listen to asshole American rent-seekers promise that they were going to withdraw from it or “renegotiate” it. Up until recently, it was Democrats that did it. Now it’s Republicans, too. Yippie?

      Oh, and whenever some anonymous asshole senator gets a bug up his ass about something, illegal tariffs are imposed that take years to unimpose. The last time that happened, it was because Bush 43 was living under the typical Republican delusion that he could win Pennsylvania. That’s something of a thing for the rest of the world, It fucks with OUR markets, and you’re a borderless, dystopian shithole, $21 trillion in debt, where criminals and foreigners run wild in the street and no one has a job, remember?

      The single greatest assertion of all is that trade deals are “unfair” to the United States, which anybody who knows what they’re talking about will tell you is practically retarded. I’ll give you an example of that. My biggest problem with TPP is that it forces the signatory nations to essentially adopt U.S law, without a referendum or even individual votes in our parliaments about the repeal of our own sovereign laws . And Americans are pissed about THAT? Are you kidding?

      Of course, Trump’s solution to everything is even MORE illegal tariffs. And if that doesn’t fly under GATT, he’ll withdraw the United States from GATT. I honestly hope that Trump (and by extension the Republican Party, which made him their nominee) don’t actually know what that means.

      If that happens, America is no longer part of GATT’s arbitration process, so any (or all) of the remaining members could face crippling tariffs and sanctions without any recourse. You would immediately be finished forever as an exporting country. Think Haiti in 1803. Or now.

      And that’s not even the most insane thing that Trump has mused about. That honor goes to the idea that a market crash would be good because it would allow America to “renegotiate” its debt, which is such a catastrophically stupid idea that any politician who mentions it out loud should be assassinated, firstly, because it’s patently unconstitutional under your own 14th Amendment, which states “. . . .the validity of the public debt of the United States,
      authorized by law… shall not be questioned”.Oh, and it also means that no one will lend your country ever again. Have fun paying for things like Social Security, Medicare and the world’s largest military under those circumstances.

      If Trump is even halfway serious, he would throw the rest of the world into a terrible recession, maybe even a depression. But he would single-handedly destroy the United States as we know it,

      But go ahead, vote your hearts out.


      • Neal N. Bob says:

        I REALLY should stop going on political tirades on these blogs….

        No, you should continue to do so. It helps. — Dave

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      • A Reader #1 says:

        My comments are not posting, so I will try this again. Please delete any duplicate comment shoukd it appear!

        Nobody loaned money again to Greece and Argentina again, either, right? The US is the second biggest market in the world. People will trade with us, as they always have. The founding fathers were not fans of free trade, and the supported trade tariffs. It is not crazy to support them now. Great Britain and the world economy did not collapse after Brexit, which at its core is pulling out of a multilateral trade agreement and renegotiating individual deals.

        As an American, I am fed up with putting the interests of other countries before my own. Hillary not only has words to predict her future presidency but, unlike Trump, she has actions over the past forty years by which I can judge her. She has campaigned for, promised to, and in many cases voted in favor of: abolishing guns, gutting the First Amendment, raising taxes on the middle class, effectively dissolving our borders and granting blanket amnesty to 20 million illegal aliens. At a Florida rally yesterday, they prominently seated the Orlando jihadist’s father behind her. Ponder the message they were sending and to whom with that little stunt. Of course, we also can’t forget that she would have the chance to appoint up to five SCOTUS justices who would further her agenda.

        I don’t know why it did not appear earlier. Sorry. It did NOT show up in my “to be approved” list either. — Dave

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  2. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    “I don’t know that he’s all that interested in the nuts and bolts of governing “

    Sounds like you are describing Obama


    • Oh yes. Same thing. Not sure Trump will spend all morning watching ESPN, but that’s the same issue. The arrogance and thin skin seems similar.


    • Persecuted in WI says:

      “I don’t know that he’s all that interested in the nuts and bolts of governing “
      Sounds like you are describing Obama

      Or Bill Clinton. He liked (loved?) the campaigning — both Arkansas and national — but not the governing. As opposed to his wife, who hates to campaign but loves governing and telling people what they should do.

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  3. AReader, I think I fixed the glitch — or at least caused your comment to appear. I might have made something break when I deleted a previous note. Can you email me? I don’t want to miss any more inspired messages.


  4. Tulip says:

    A Reader, my sentiments exactly. Thanks!


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