It’s Called Combat

I had heard of the situation described here, and even remember being impressed  that former CNN employees were the subjects of the story.  I don’t know if I’d respond as well.

CBS News:

The video surveillance from an Albuquerque motel shows it clearly: A man paces the corridor; a woman exits her room to get something from her car, and then returns.

“And from out of nowhere this guy came back around the corner,” recalled Lynne Russell, “and this time he had a gun and he was pointing it right at my abdomen.”

At that very moment, Russell’s husband, Chuck De Caro, emerged from the shower. He recalled: “He then moved the gun from pointing at my wife to pointing at me, and he said, ‘I need your money.’”

But the gunman did not know that Russell, a former CNN anchor, and De Caro, a former CNN reporter who trained as a Special Forces soldier, habitually travel with guns that they are licensed and trained to use.

Russell was able to slip her gun from the nightstand into her purse, which she handed to De Caro, telling him “‘Take a really good look inside here; see if there’s anything you can find that we want to give the man.’ And Chuck looked and he said, ‘Yes, there is.”

And, they say, as the suspect started to shoot, De Caro fired back: “And I killed him,” he said.

“But you got shot yourself?” asked Braver.

“Well, that’s the nature of the game,” De Caro replied. “It’s called combat.”

[ … ]

But Dallas Police Chief David Brown, speaking after five officers were shot and killed, says these “good guys” actually complicate matters for police: “It’s been the presumption that a good guy with a gun is the best way to resolve some of these things. Well, we don’t know who the good guy is versus who the bad guy is if everybody starts shooting.”

[And it’s very easy to figure out who is the “good guy” when police arrive 15 minutes later to discover a body, and no one else around.  That’s the good guy.  You just missed the bad guy. — Dave]

h/t and commentary at The Captain’s Journal.

Anybody here care to write an occasional word about self defense, guns and/or police matters?  Or is the right-o-sphere already saturated with all that?


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7 Responses to It’s Called Combat

  1. shamandin says:

    There’s a lot of writers out there about the 2nd Amendment, guns, self-defense, etc. I’d be willing to discuss it. With the new semester starting in a couple weeks, it wouldn’t be often, but I’d be open to writing some.

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  2. the gmail address here is dgalexander1963 – at – gmail dot com. Let me know your experience. Spend 10 minutes on it tops. I’ll be in touch.


  3. crawford421 says:

    Police chiefs are more politicians than experts in crime; their comments usually follow the political class desires more than reality.

    Read what actual street cops say, and you find most of them have no issue with armed self defense. They know gun laws won’t stop criminals, and that the police can’t be everywhere.

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  4. wjjhoge says:

    Note: Second Amendment void in Maryland.

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  5. The cops should find the good guys easy to figure out in instances like this one, they are the folks who call the cops and hang around after the shooting stops.

    Of course, if enough police (not to mention prosecutors, like that b**** in MD) begin insisting that the good guys get treated the exact way they would be bad ones, the good guys will start to disappear too.

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    • Cube says:

      Here’s how to tell the good guys from the bad guys when bullets are flying. The bad guys shoot at the cops, the good guys don’t. Not that hard to figure out, unless you’re a hoplophobe.


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