It’s Saturday

Take a picture of someone, even if they are already taking a picture. Original is at the Shorpy archive, which is a treasure trove of photographic history.

The Voice: 1921

Original here.  Many Shorpy photographs are also presented in HUGE size.  The pictures  of cities are spectacular.

Thanks to those who read here, link to this site, allow me to like to their writing, and especially:


  • B2B — David Edgren tells the story of his transcontinental bike trip.

  • MJ Moye at Biting the Bullet creates great websites and interesting articles.  His message to aspiring writers:

  • Scire tuum nihil est, nisi te scire hoc sciat alter— “knowledge is nothing when no one else knows that you know it.”11954839_10205892616849450_1975282958026262253_n (1)

  • Poppie Louise – A young liberal who actually understands free speech.

And the stellar crew of free speech heroes:


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