I Got An Email

Bill Schmalfeldt sent me an email yesterday asking to confirm my home address.  After a brief exchange of messages, I think that I will not be sued.  It is entirely possible that I’m being dragged into a bigger mess, however. Be assured, I won’t give up the identities of writers here, and neither would I ever help Team Kimberlin in any way to find any of the people who state their opinions here.   

And if the note was just some way to get under my skin?  My skin’s tougher than that.

I’m not publishing the email exchange, but it brings up an interesting issue. bill cartoon

If you send an email here and say something like “radio silence please” or “please don’t publish this,” I’ll honor your request withing obvious parameters.

If you send me an email accusing me of a crime, threatening me with some negative action if I don’t do something… Yeah.  I’m going to publish.  

I also publish similar letters sent to others who I trust.  For example, George Howell offered to comment on an email sent to him by Bill.  In the comments, librarygryffon shared a letter from Bill over the Slovakian horse episode.

Bill Schmalfeldt stated to me that he wants to be left alone.   On some level, I think that is true.  He also wants the identity of the mysterious Paul Krendler.  When I want something, I usually take steps to make it happen.  Bill’s methods seem counter productive, even self-injurious.

And did I confirm my address?  Of course.  The reason I choose my words carefully is that I know I might have to answer for them one day.    That really would have been excellent advice for Bill Schmalfeldt, a few years ago.



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9 Responses to I Got An Email

  1. Jeanette Victoria says:

    All the creeper needs to do is push away from his computer. If he goes silent so will everyone else

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    • He knows that, and it’s the one thing he can’t bear, not having an online community to hate. We all went silent about him for about a week sometime last year (I think it was) and he was quiet for a few days, and then started getting shriller and shriller as he attacked because us leaving him alone, the thing he claims to want more than anything else in the world, turns out to actually be the the thing he really, really, doesn’t want to happen. Having a group to hate and attack seems to be the only thing which gives his life any meaning.

      Thank God none of us have lives that are that meaningless. If Bill disappeared from the internet tomorrow, we’d snark about him for a few days, and find other things to chat about, and do with our offline lives (which we have, he doesn’t seem to).

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  2. Jeanette Victoria says:

    LOL a few years back I ran the same experiment and chose not to mention my tolls, dang if they didn’t redouble their efforts… @Nivolrbonnet1 is quite obsessed and lies to agitate an incite dumb as a post Thomas A Mix (AKA @ThomasArzi). So now I do as I please.

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    • Simon Knight says:

      Like clockwork Thomas A Mix thinks mentioning his name is “stalking” and he is under the delusion that the court will stop me from simply noticing is PUBLIC tweets and blog screeds. He’s doing a swell job of imitation of midget, he wants to use the court to shut me up because he is offended” that I mention his name. Sorry mentioning someone name is not stalking. Going into someone home twon and contacting everyone they know to “expose and have them “monitored” is REAL stalking. And Mix was downright thrilled when he believed the anon troll @NicoleBonnet1 went to my hometown to talk to the local police , my diocese and various group I supposedly belonged to about me.



  3. lorddewclaw says:


    Every, and I mean EVERY time that neckless glob sends communication asking for something, someone, somewhere has had to pay a price. Usually in harassment/faildoxxing when his “cunning plan” unravels and fails. If history is a guide, any communication with the Cunical Courts Columbo should consist of some variation of the following:

    “Get bent, tool.”

    Just my 2 cents….

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  4. D. Edgren says:

    If Bill Schmalfeldt is at the point where he would be suing you, Dave, nobody is safe.

    Has Bill noticed?- I have something else- a long distance bicycle trip- going on and the attention I pay to him online has dropped to about zero point zero zero one. There’s just better things to do. Bill just needs a better all-consuming hobby than bullying people online.

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  5. “Sod off, swampy!” seems to the point…

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  6. fred4d says:

    Looks like Bill is compiling his witness list for the case in Illinois that is stuck at, will you let me do this for free, stage. If the judge is smart She will never rule on the initial set of motions. I know judges on the federal bench have let final decisions simmer for years and years, any records on initial motions?

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