Politician: Immigrants Take Welfare, Commit Crimes

Media responds by hinting that the guy’s a racist, evil hate-speaker, and should therefore be silenced.


Nope.  Some guy in Japan. Makoto Sakurai.

The Japan Times calls him xenophobic.  

Speaking to a crowd in Tokyo’s Sugamo district, he claimed that foreign residents — particularly Koreans, Chinese, and Filipinos — are exploiting Japan’s welfare system.

– snip –


“If there are foreign residents in Japan who can’t live a day or two without social benefits, just let them die or leave Japan,” he said in a video available on his campaign website.

“Japanese people have been victims of various crimes committed by you. Don’t you ever look back on your behavior and try to change the situation?”  – snip –

“Koreans always try to avert their eyes from the truth. That’s why I’m standing here, enraged, asking you to leave Japan immediately,” he said. “Can someone please tell me what makes this assertion hate speech?”

Well, as we all know, any provocative speech which does not fit the narrative can easily be “hate speech”  as far as the media is concerned.  Here are some scattered phrases from the article:

  • one candidate’s xenophobic speeches have fanned the flames of an ongoing debate over hate speech.  [Now there’s loaded phrase. — Dave]
  • Despite his xenophobic remarks, Sakurai garnered more than 110,000 votes from Tokyoites…
  • Under the current election law, such hate speech cannot be regulated…
  • …campaign speeches can be investigated if they obviously violate the human rights of an individual or group.
  • Although the government in May enacted a law to deter hate speech against racial and ethnic minorities, it does not pertain to campaign speeches…
  • Criticism of specific ethnic groups is not immediately deemed a human rights violation..

You can completely hear the message: Gosh, it sure would be nice to shut this guy up, but the government seems powerless to silence him.

Do you know what people disagreeing with Mr. Sakurai should do?  Silence him? No. Defeat his ideas in the public square.   Point out where and when he is wrong.

By the way, that’s exactly what should happen with the messages you find offensive from Donald Trump.  Tell us where Trump is wrong about Muslims, Mexicans and the rest.

I know nothing of Japanese politics, and don’t care much about it.  But I have been noticing the shift in the wind worldwide.  There are elements around the globe trying very hard to build the case for shutuppery.  

The implicit message that some people need to be silenced is growing.  I’m not going to pretend that this is a coincidence.    

Google Translate:

ヘイトスピーチ  (hate speech) Heitosupīchi

自由に話すこと (freedom to speak) Jiyū ni hanasu koto


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