Don’t Be Hateful Toward Migrants in Austria…

Or anywhere in the former Europe.  A Public Service of Dave Alexander and Company.

From Breitbart London:

An Austrian pensioner has been sentenced to six months probation for ‘hate speech’ on social media…

The 63-year-old unnamed pensioner was sentenced in a Vienna court this week for writing posts that were considered hate speech by judges in the Austrian capital.

The man wrote on Facebook on at least one occasion to specific crimes committed by migrants. The judge in the case claimed that the remarks were made with hateful intent toward migrants, breaking the strict Austrian hate speech laws, and sentenced the man to six months probation, reports Der Standard.  

Judge Stefan Romstorfer, who presided over the case, said: “There’s a certain hatred and a certain energy behind it, which I do not like,” when addressing the elderly man at the announcement of the verdict of the court. The reaction of the convicted Viennese man was out of the ordinary as he asked the judge: “Am I a criminal?” When Judge Romstorfer replied that he was, the man nonchalantly said: “Super, very good.”

Austria is one of many places where the local residents are concerned about actual crimes being committed by specific immigrants, but apparently discussing those things might be a crime.  Especially if there is a certain hatred and energy behind it.

This will happen here if we don’t fix some stuff really soon.



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2 Responses to Don’t Be Hateful Toward Migrants in Austria…

  1. I think there is a reckoning on the way in Europe. It will be terrible for for pretty much everyone, but Muslims are going to get the worst of it.


  2. onwyrdsdream says:

    “I was robbed!”

    “How dare you victimize that poor man just because he took possession of your stuff a little forcefully”

    Sigh. Western civilization is not doomed, but the distance between natural law and the rules has gotten to the point that there may be revolutions everywhere. Though most will make things worse, somewhere freedom will reemege.


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