A Liberal Who Gets It!

Hey, I found another!  Poppy Louise.

11954839_10205892616849450_1975282958026262253_n (1)

Needle in haystack.

Case in point: the other day I was enjoying a lovely afternoon with friends drinking cold beverages under the hot sun. One of these women mentioned that her friends from back home had discovered, on Amazon, a t-shirt that said I wish OJ had married Hillary. Since she works at Amazon she had addressed their horror by sending the item to the censorship team – okay I don’t remember what the name of the department was – in case they’d like to remove it.

“They’re the people who took all the Confederate flag stuff down, so they’ll do it if anyone’s going to,” she said breezily.

Everyone nodded as though about to move on to another topic of conversation, at which point I freaked out because I realized that my lovely liberal intelligent kind-hearted friends were also, just a little bit, acting like f–king fascists.

“Excuse me,” I said, “But this is censorship.”

At which point my friends looked at me like the third beer had just kicked in and I must be a drunk who speaks in tongues.

Technically, a lot of folks figure censorship is just a government thing.  Her heart and mind are in the right place.  This liberal, who pauses in the column long enough to trash Trump, is totally right on Free Speech and the marketplace.

This includes dildos, Confederate flags, reality TV, inspirational pamphlets, yoga, fried Oreos, guns*, abortions, racist jokes, bigoted sermons, cosmetics ads, self-help books, and tie dye.

Freedom of speech means all of it.

Not sure I ever hear of people limiting the free speech rights of dildos, but I guess she’s talking about Amazon products.  

The problem isn’t just that people now can easily snap off a pithy letter to the Amazon Banning Department quickly.  The problem seems that so many people are convinced they should have the power to cancel out the rights of others.

The football team is called the Redskins?  That scientist described a Black Hole?  Whiteface Mountain?  We have a town called Fishkill?  (By the way, all of these have been subjects of liberal assault.)

What freaks me out, truly? The world is full of people you disagree with. You can think whatever the hell you want about them. But the fact is, they have the right to exist. They have the right to speak their minds. You don’t have to listen. You don’t have to agree. You don’t have to like that person.

But you do, as an American, and on this point I am pretty sure there are very old documents signed by the fucking Founding Fathers to support me, let them speak.

Yeah.  I can tell she’s a liberal. The F-ing Founding Fathers would kinda approve.

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