Supreme Court Asks Transgender Teen to ‘Hold It’a While Longer

The Washington Post:

The U.S. Supreme Court issued a stay in a case involving a transgender teen who is suing his school board for the right to use the boys’ bathroom at his Virginia high school, a move that halts a court order that would have allowed the student to use the bathroom of his choice when the school year begins.

Gavin Grimm, 17, sued the school board in Gloucester County, Va., last year after it passed a policy requiring students to use bathrooms corresponding with their “biological sex,” resulting in him being barred from the boys’ bathroom.

One of the really odd things about out shifting moral ground is how quickly the left produces bigots.  A few years ago, most every politician in America including the president proclaimed that marriage was between a man and a woman.  Bill Clinton signed a law to that effect.  Now, if you disagree with gay marriage, you are a bigot.

We are on a similar trajectory with bathroom issues.  If you don’t believe that transgender children should go to the bathroom in the lavatory which matches their chosen gender, then you are the worst bigot of all.  You might as well be the 21st century version of Bull Connor, waving your hose around…   

OK, bad comparison.

This case has ping-ponged back and forth, with the latest decision by a lower court in theory allowing the 17 year old to go in the boys room.  The school district wants time to file an appeal, and 5 Supreme Court justices agreed to stay the previous decision, setting up a future hearing in the high court.

Justice Stephen G. Breyer said he was joining the conservative justices in granting the stay as a “courtesy” that would preserve the status quo while considering the school board’s request to review the case. It takes only four justices to accept a case, but Breyer’s statement indicated he should not be considered the necessary fifth vote to overturn the appeals court. The three other liberal justices said they would not have issued the stay.

The federal government has taken the position that bathrooms should be used by transgender students according to their preference.  12 states disagree.  Those twelve states are not acting in a bigoted or discriminatory way.  They are just standing up for (or sitting down for) their beliefs.

My point is, different judges and lawmakers are weighing the facts and coming to different conclusions. None of the judges, legislatures or governors need to be considered bigots.  At each step, honest people disagree with each other.

In America, we used to do this without rancor.

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9 Responses to Supreme Court Asks Transgender Teen to ‘Hold It’a While Longer

  1. Neal N. Bob says:

    If this in the top five problems America faces, and the coverage of it suggests that it is, you might not even need a government anymore.

    Seriously, a country with the most nuclear weapons and the soon-to-be second largest economy and a presidential candidate whose own party is worried might actually be insane has spent the better part of a year arguing where where trannies may or may not shit. And no one seems to be even a little embarrassed by that. That’s more than a little astonishing. I’ve been to America. Very few of your toilets don’t have stalls and doors,

    By the way, if the trannies are even halfway convincing, who would know?

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    • Grace says:

      “And no one seems to be even a little embarrassed by that.”

      I wouldn’t say that… the majority of us down here do not control the lamestream media nor the narrative.

      There are many Americans who see these hysterical, blown-up issues for exactly what they are… a distraction. A way to keep the sheeple focused on “SQUIRREL!”

      I miss America. *heavy sigh*


      • Neal N. Bob says:

        I dunno. Ted Cruz made a big deal about it for a month, despite the issue having absolutely nothing to do with the Executive Office of the President. I checked.

        But, and this is the hilarious part, he wants “a limited, constitutional government.”


      • Grace says:

        I know. I know. Twas horribly disappointing to witness from Mr. Constitution himself.

        *heavy sigh*

        Just another politician who knows how to play the game… stroke the lowest common denominator of the electorate by telling them what you think they want to hear.



  2. Neal N. Bob says:

    I’m something of an avid consumer of American news, and to be fair, the biggest problem with your education system seems to be an epidemic of bikini-model teachers fucking horny, teenaged male students, which somehow always ends in the bikini model teachers going to jail.


    • gmhowell says:

      Sadly, this is a new development in the US educational system.

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    • Paul Krendler says:

      You just don’t understand how hard it is (*snort*) for bikini model teachers to find men their own age who want to fuck.

      Maybe they can’t tell the men from the transgenders?


    • Jane says:

      You may want to reconsider where you’re getting that news, nonpareil Neal. I don’t recall hearing about any problems with anyone using a bathroom that matches the gender they live until liberals decided that and much more needed to be codified. (I’m sure making it an election issue never crossed their minds.)

      That’s how it got so much attention, because the right dared to defy the left on this issue and were branded bigots and transphobic because they didn’t think it was right for biological males to compete against biological females for sports scholarships, among other glaring problems with the left’s latest cram-it-down-their-throats initiative.

      It may sound strange in your corner of the planet, but some of us don’t want teenage boys in the girls’ showers, or even in their locker-rooms. Some students even sued because separate accommodations weren’t enough for them — no, they had to have everyone pretend right along with them. See: Why is Transgender an Identity and Anorexia is a Disorder from this very craft blog.

      Yes, in addition to Ted Cruz being asked about the issue by every left wing reporter within a mile of every appearance, he also tried to hammer the orange orator for his PC pandering on the issue, so I can understand how it could appear that he made it a big deal. That said, iirc, Cruz said it wasn’t the job of president to set such policy, and criticized Obama and the left over it.

      Those of us with daughters have to take an interest in an issue like this, or let the left steamroll their agenda over our children.


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