Inmate 01035-079? Welcome back.

John Hoge reports the very good week for Team Free Speech ended with some amazing news:

Also on Friday, Aaron Walker filed an opposition to the Kimberlin’s motion for sanctions that had been filed on Monday. In his opposition he noted some documents that had been included as exhibits in the Kimberlins’ motion were not the same as served on him. Because the accuracy and truthfulness of those documents had been sworn to in the verified motion, that discrepancy was also shown to a District Court Commissioner who charged both of the Kimberlins with perjury and fabricating evidence. They are each facing up to 13 years in prison and/or a fine of up to $5,000.

4D00359930 redacted

According to Brett Kimberlin’s Authorized biography, he already was convicted of perjury in a drug case in 1973. This document on tells about his bombing history:

On December 30, 1981 petitioner received a 50-year concurrent sentence from the United States District Court for the Southern District of Indiana for possession of an unregistered destructive device, unlawful manufacturing of a destructive device, malicious damage by means of explosives, and malicious damage by means of explosives involving personal injury. As set forth in his presentence report, during a six day period in September, 1978 eight bombs made of Tovex 200 dynamite were detonated in the Speedway, Indiana area.7 One bomb, placed in a gym bag in the Speedway High School parking lot, detonated on September 6, 1978, when it was picked up by Carl and Sandra DeLong after a high school football game. Sandra DeLong received permanent nerve damage caused by bomb fragments in her leg. Her husband Carl lost his right leg and two fingers.8 Carl DeLong received additional injuries to his inner ear, stomach, chest, neck and arm due to bomb fragments, and endured a series of operations. Id., Exhibit B at 4. On February 23, 1983 Carl DeLong committed suicide at the age of 44.

Kimberlin is on parole:


While it would be delicious to imagine that Brett Kimberlin will be returned to federal custody, it might be important to review how we got here.

Brett Kimberlin has initiated lawfare against individuals who write about him.  He has used family members as pawns in this, and has caused many individuals to suffer financially as he takes them to court and misuses the civil and criminal court system to shut people up.  He has promised “lawsuits for the rest of their lives…”

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Nobody thinks this guy deserves a jump suit with “01035-079” as much as I do.   He deserves it because he was sentenced to 50 years in prison, and still has some time on that sentence.

Information on revoking parole is in the Justice Department Parole Manual, and I think this is the most up to date version.  Page 132 discusses revocation hearings.  I dunno.  I’m not a lawyer, and I have not pretended to be one in court, so it all makes me sleepy. Somebody might want to speed read this before their next court appearance.

That might be a longshot.  As we say, “Forget it Jake, this is Maryland.”  Anything can happen there, including a lack of judicial logic.

Aaron Walker and John Hoge deserve huge credit for documenting every misstep, lie and deliberate fabrication in his lawsuits.  Feel free to hit the tip jars at Hogewash! or Allergic to Bull.  

Both have gone on the offensive against Brett Kimberlin and his associates — not just by pointing out lies in the court documents presented by Kimberlin, but by taking Kimberlin to court to stop his shutuppery.   Congratulations on a good week.







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9 Responses to Inmate 01035-079? Welcome back.

  1. Pablo says:

    John and Aaron are doing America a great public service. Kudos, gents!

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    • Grace says:

      Amen, Pablo!

      Both John and Aaron deserve our utmost respect and appreciation for their relentless efforts. Tis an honor to know men of such strong moral fiber who are so very grounded in the strength of their convictions. Men who are willing, at great personal sacrifice, to defend truth and justice and the American way (with all sincerity and not intended as corny in the least).

      May God bless them both, and keep them safe and protected from harm.

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  2. Simo Häyhä says:

    Can you imagine the following conversation?

    Bill: “At least I wasn’t adjudicated as a pedophile. Ha! Boom!”
    Brett: How many restraining orders do you have? Ooo… Rekt.”

    “I’ll throw you under the bus to save my neck.”
    “I’ll throw you under the bus to beat the rap.”



    • It may be Maryland, but his parole is federal. So Maryland doesn’t make the decision on revocation. Maybe Bill can do something as he is fed to fed though. LOL

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      • gmhowell says:

        If this goes anywhere (big if), there are many people who will notify the appropriate Feds, even if they don’t have a ‘fed to fed’ relationship.

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      • If he’s convicted in Montgomery County, yes. He does not face federal perjury or forgery charges, if I get this right. Of course IANAL, I’m an elementary teacher.
        Maryland courts and prosecutors at times have given Team Kimberlin way too much leeway.

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      • Even if Maryland State convicts for perjury (or whatever) ; I still think the Federal parole board looks at ANY charges incurred while on parole.

        Yes. My comment was based upon the idea that Maryland (Mont. County) authorities have to first follow through, plus get a conviction. That is the “long shot” in my opinion, still having never been to law school. I applaud the effort, and think that Kimberlin may have already stepped in it. His original perjury conviction was lying about drug sales, and this situation might not seem to rise to that level to folks who don’t know what a jackwagon he is.–Dave

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    • gmhowell says:

      Funny, but if I’m following the dialog correctly, we have documentary proof that he has no neck.

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  3. one handle and stick to it says:

    So, um, how’s that Reputation Management by Lawfare working out, Bretty? 😀

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