I Was Promised News!

I was promised a news report from Bill Schmalfeldt about a meeting which he was having last week.  The meeting was apparently about something which would put John Hoge and two other men in prison stripes.


I was also promised a new blog last week, but I’m pretty sure the plan fizzled.


To be honest, a blog about the crazy, wacky sayings of Sara Palmer of BillySez might actually not be very successful, since she already hosts such a site.  When there’s no interesting things BY Bill Schmalfeldt, she says things ABOUT Bill Schmalfeldt.  

And a website with lies?  Given the current situation, that’s probably not a good idea.

Still, somebody has started a website called either Billmunko.com, or willmunko.com, depending on where you look. (Bill! Check your Twitter and website.  They don’t match!)

I wish Bill luck on the Munko related rebranding.  It has been pointed out that the urban dictionary has an interesting listing for the word munko, but I’m sure that’s just a mistake. Though some of the rougher Lickspittles have been calling him that for a while.


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1 Response to I Was Promised News!

  1. Paul Krendler says:

    Well, he’s got a right to start a blog called Sarah Sez, I suppose.

    Maybe he actually will someday when his Mangina stops chafing.

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