If I Could Superimpose Upon the Court…

Bill Schmalfeldt is making noise again about pursuing legal action against John Hoge and two other men over a subject which might be new to folks who have not been following the story for a long time.

In January of 2015, John Hoge received a piece of mail which appeared to be from Bill Schmalfeldt.  This was significant at the time since Bill Schmalfeldt was the subject of a Peace Order which barred him from contacting Mr. Hoge.  Additionally there was already a court date over previous violations.  Sending a letter would have been an example of reckless stupidity.

Bill Schmalfeldt claimed he did not send it, and the letter was in fact a forgery.

Bill Schmalfeldt proved this with geometric logic which included the following graphic:


I’m going to only write this once or twice, but go ahead and reread it if necessary.  

Bill claims that he has proven that the document is a forgery since the signature appears to be too similar to a previous example of his signature.


Justice Justice

Beg pardon?


Yes.  The forged signature is too similar to his signature, and since he never signs his signature the same way twice, then this must be a forgery, your honor.  The signature must have been traced from another document, said Bill. 

I would suggest that before another member of Team Knucklehead gets involved with malicious prosecution, that cooler heads prevail.  Dredging up this odd bit of debris from a previous case can only be a waste of people’s time, not to mention the court’s time.


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2 Responses to If I Could Superimpose Upon the Court…

  1. I forget, was this the time he informed the court that he had performed a “forensic analysis” of the “evidence”?


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