by Gus Bailey:

For about three years, I have followed the misbegotten shenanigans of Brett Coleman Kimberlin and his squad of pathetic sycophants. In that time i have learned a great deal about the personalities of these foreground players.  Mr. Hoge gives them charming nicknames; a useful tracking device.  In the main, they are cowards and bullies happy to pick on innocent or ignorant passers-by or accidental interlopers.


From Dave Alexander’s Facebook.  No kidding.

The exceptions on the far ends of the spectrum are Brett himself as the ‘master’ insouciant (although Aaron seems to be rattling him lately) to the gibbering buffoon that Bill plays to the hilt.  My beef is with Bill.  Bill Schmalfeldt imagines himself the intellectual equal to Mr. Hoge, the ‘egalitarian’/democratic equal to Brett, and for some reason, the masculine equal to Ryan Reynolds.  (Image, for de ladies)  Yeah, no.
Okay folks, here’s where it get’s weird.  I’m gonna compliment Bill Schmalfeldt to the maximum extent practicable (look it up).  Bill is not a Quantum Mechanic.  Bill is not even a run of the mill rocket scientist.  Bill is not a criminal mastermind.  Bill has no bomb making skills.  Bill sucks as a forger. Bill has less than a monkey’s skills at law.
Bill is a motivated American, who believes in equal rights, fair play and justice (He has a perverted sense of the latter, but he believes).  Bill served his country in a time of need; Carter’s navy was no fun.  Bill appreciates the concepts of duty and honor; he doesn’t actually understand them, but he appreciates them.   Finally, Bill appreciates the concept of democracy; again, he doesn’t get our federal system, but he tries.  Ultimately, Bill is just a regular ‘Joe’; who believes his honor has been besmirched and just wants to avenge himself.
What his misses, … and this is kind of important, is that it is his own actions and narratives that have besmirched his honor.
I’m kinda known as the prayer guy; especially since Fr. Paul took the busy,  busy job up in MN.  Here’s the thing; … This isn’t easy…
Those who have been given the power to Bless, are equally empowered to Curse.
Apparently, when Bill’s mother was passing over, Bill felt it appropriate to proclaim curses on those who derided his inhuman behavior.  Bill believes in curses.  I was not there.  I shall pray for Bill’s mother’s soul, as I prayed for the passing of his third wife; this is my obligation.
Curses are as real as prayers; God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; who’s Son, Jesus Christ (Jesse Ben Joseph al Nazarea Messiah) gave His life for our sins; listens to our supplications.  Bill prayed curses.  I; though sorely tempted will not.  I fear for his soul.
Bill has launched a seventh wave of abusive lawfare against his ‘enemies’; people who have really only isolated and magnified the filth that Bill produces.  They are only funhouse mirrors; the source is still Bill Schmalfeldt.  Bill has continued a path of foolish retribution and false revenge for his own failings.
O God, the Father of all, whose Son commanded us to love our enemies: Lead Bill and we who call ourselves ‘Lickspittles’ and ‘Zombies’ from prejudice to truth: deliver Bill and us from hatred, cruelty, and revenge; and in your good time enable us all to stand reconciled before you, through Jesus Christ our Lord.
— Gus Bailey



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6 Responses to E-Effing-nuff

  1. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    I take exception to your statement that Bill appreciates the concepts of duty and honor. He bragged about NOT doing his duties, and the very fact that he has been proven to wear medals he never earned obliterates him having any concept of honor. I do, however, agree with you that he is his own worst enemy. If you take a look at his behavior going back years and years now it’s all the same. He attacks, gets push back, then claims he is the victim. Repeat ad nauseam.

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    • Could it be that he appreciates those qualities in exactly the way Clint Eastwood appreciates pink chiffon blouses? That is, he understands them, but chooses not to participate directly?

      [Does a loser NOT know what winning IS, or does he arrange his life without a successful plan for winning?]

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    • This Other Latin F*cker says:

      I see Schmalfeldt as someone who may KNOW what Duty and Honor are, but thinks people that practice them are chumps. Not smart like him. You know, someone that can get over. Not do his fair share. Lie, cheat, and steal instead of doing the hard work.

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      • Gus Bailey says:

        Not an unreasonable perception, TOLF; you certainly have plenty of hard and circumstantial evidence to support your case.

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