I Don’t Think I’da Done It



From Heatstreet:

Despite the vitriol, Pasiano’s owner Rick Camuglia says he’s seen a major uptick in business since the marquee sign went up.

“Our phone has also been ringing off the hook with people making reservations. People are placing carry-out orders in the high hundreds,” says the restaurant owner. “And they’re asking for black olives on everything. Black olives on the salad, ‘I’ll have extra black olives on my sausage sandwich’—we’ve had to order more from our supplier.”

The president of the Albuquerque NAACP chapter has since weighed in on the controversy. In a statement, published in KRQE, he wrote:

The posted sign at Paisano’s Restaurant that included the phrase ” Black Olives Matter” is a nice marketing idea. However, with all of the national uproar, demonstrations and marches, regarding the shooting of African American men and youth by police officers, the Albuquerque NAACP feels that it was in bad taste. The decision to take it down is appreciated.


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2 Responses to I Don’t Think I’da Done It

  1. Paul Krendler says:

    He who cannot take a joke is most in need of being ridiculed

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  2. Gus Bailey says:

    I got a good chuckle.


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