The double standard of non-discrimination

The NBA Refuses to Bake North Carolina a Cake

Oddly enough, they moved the game out of Charlotte, the same city that started the controversy by establishing bathroom privileges based upon “identity.”  This blogger points out the double standard in the decision.

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032416-NBA-Charlotte-Hornets-2017-All-Star-Michael-Jordan-PI.vadapt.664.high.63 Photo Courtesy: NBA

The NBA, which I love, has just made a big decision. It has announced that it’s moving its 2017 All Star Game from Charlotte, North Carolina, as a direct, specific response to North Carolina enacting law HB2. Known as the ‘bathroom bill’, HB2 says people must use the bathroom that matches the gender on their birth certificate. The NBA regards this law as discriminatory, and is taking a stand by removing its showpiece event from the state. The NBA is being widely praised for this move; key figures have described the decision as ‘[a] stand for inclusion and respect’ and ‘extremely poignant’.

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One Response to The double standard of non-discrimination

  1. Gus Bailey says:

    Just to repeat what I said over at Geoff’s, as it is important to dispel the myth that the State is mandating bathroom assignment:

    First, thank you for a well thought out posting. One point of clarification, if I may; HB2 only requires biologic compatibility for public bathroom facilities.

    It additionally denies municipalities the authority to mandate private property to either require or ignore biologic compatibility. That is, schools, courthouses, libraries and the like must be boy/girl, but government shall not impose upon private facilities any constraints on their own consciences. Target is free to throw their customer base under the social justice bus, and the First Baptist Church is free to keep little girls from being spied on by creeps (not to imply that FBC has any pervs, just that they can obey their consciences).

    It’s actually quite libertarian with an adult view of reasonable facilitation for public bathrooms.

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