Thank you, Amazon. Thank you.

Thank you, Amazon.  Thanks.SAVE ONE CENT

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8 Responses to Thank you, Amazon. Thank you.

  1. samk says:

    Case of popcorn?

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  2. Longtime Lurker says:

    If you spent $3,599,000, you’d save a thousand bucks! That’s ‘uge, man!

    Or, as I frequently tell my wife, I can’t afford to save that much money.

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  3. Tulip says:

    If you’ve ever wish listed a product on Amazon for later consideration, they use any price movement ($0.01 works) as an excuse to e-mail you about the new buying opportunity! I’ve actually responded (much to my chagrin) to one of those e-mails to purchase, not because of the “new lower, more affordable price!!!” but because I had forgotten, until prompted, to reconsider the purchase. It works!

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  4. D. Edgren says:

    Don’t spend it all in one place.

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  5. Persecuted in WI says:

    Remember when Amazon pushed itself as the place to save money? It’s all convenience now.

    This (the line above) is rich coming from a guy who leaned over and picked a penny up off of the ground on his way into the grocery store yesterday.) You are what you were taught.


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