I’ve Been Thinking of Getting a Twitter

I hear they can be useful to a budding internet mogul.  Here at the Craft Blog we’ve just used email marketing, magazine inserts and word of mouth.  But the hip kids say we need to get a Twitter, so I’m ordering two, just in case the first one doesn’t work.  I grabbed a “screenshot” or “screenshot” as we say in the business, of someone whose tweets I occasionally read.


My apologies to WJJ Hoge, and anyone who might be considered his “idiots.”  My interest here is on the area inside the red shape.  On some Tweeters, these shapes are accompanied by numbers.  The seem to mean Respond, Retweet and Heart.

On some Tweeters (as they apparently are called) there’s something saying “View Conversation.”  

My question is, if I scroll backward to the beginning of the month on this account, and there are no conversations, no retweets, no responses and no hearts…  What’s the point?

Shouldn’t there be someone to at least “heart” a post or tweeter every now and then?  It’s like writing unsold books or making unfunny jokes.  If even your friends don’t chuckle, what is the point?


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2 Responses to I’ve Been Thinking of Getting a Twitter

  1. Simo Häyhä says:

    The point is Bill ain’t going to hell. He is already there. Alone.

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  2. Crazy old man, yelling at clouds…

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