10-Step emergency plan in case of a terrorist attack

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6 Responses to 10-Step emergency plan in case of a terrorist attack

  1. Paul Krendler says:

    The cartoon in step 7 is not tearful in conformity with step 1.

    I call bullshit.


    • It only has to be tearful when We are trying to figure out what We did to make Them hate us. By step 7 We think We know and We’re only hating those among us who are causing Them to hate all of us. Because if those hating haters who look just like Us would only stop hating, They would suddenly discover what wonderful people we are and they would stop hating to.

      It hasn’t worked for 1400 years but there’s always a first time. …


      • You are dead incorrect with the population angle. Mark Stein’s America Alone will scare you. The major powers of the 20th century are barely replacing themselves.

        From a survival standpoint, Europe would be better off importing Chinese, Hispanics from Central America….any place other than Islamic countries. But I’d be labeled a dirty bigot for saying so.


  2. onwyrdsdream says:

    If the underlying causes of why Europe stopped having babies were successfully identified and corrected, maybe European governments wouldn’t try to make up for missing tax base/labor pool with people who have no interest in ever being a part of their country, especially as Europe isn’t very good at accepting non-locals as countrymen.

    Of course, that would mean doing away with quite a lot of their local flavors of socialism, as people with low growth potential are less likely to see kids as something they’ll be able to afford until even having them is impossible, in a modern world with countless alternatives to productive sex and means of stopping it’s productivity.

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    • omegapaladin says:

      Well, they could always have pro-fertility government policies. If the government were to subsidize having kids, you would certainly see more babies. Nothing says socialism needs to favor small families.

      Raising children is a massive expense in time and treasure necessary for civilization to continue. It makes sense to provide exemptions in free-market governments and subsidies in socialist ones.


  3. onwyrdsdream says:

    I don’t think pro fertility is needed, just get rid of the anti growth policy. And, well, pointing out that the types who say in 20 years we’ll run out of food are poo-poo heads. No one who believes them about 2020 being when we all resort to canabalism will bring new people in the world. But, paying people to have kids tends to resort in low quality kids, as some will think if I get $5000 a year but only spend $2000 the rest can become more food and a better tv.


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