It’s Saturday it up.


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8 thoughts on “It’s Saturday

  1. onwyrdsdream

    The glaciers may be shrinking and they may be growing, the solution either way is obviously for us to use so dramatically less energy that advancement will grind to a halt or back slide, so that when something we actually do need to do something about happens we’ll lack the adaptibility.


    1. librarygryffon

      My go-to reply for wailing about how the glaciers are retreating to unheard of heights is to point out that at least in the Alps, they have found human habitations previously covered by that always-been-there-since-the-dawn-of-time ice, so obviously the unheard of retreats have been heard of.

      I wonder what prehistoric man was burning to produce enough CO2 to melt All The Glaciers?


      1. onwyrdsdream

        Nothing like people who want to preserve the natural world by exerting all of mankind’s effort in keeping a naturally variable planet constant, eh?

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      2. librarygryffon

        Those same people would probably be demanding that we all “Do. Something. NOW!” to keep raising average temperatures if the mercury thermometer had been invented during the height of the Medieval Optimum rather than during the depths of the Little Ice Age.

        Al Gore et al. can’t explain why they want to return us to an ice age, though admittedly that is the norm for the globe, just not exactly the optimum for mammals.

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