The Hounds of War – A Thousand Dollars is Too Little

UPDATE: Bill Schmalfeldt has files a bar association ethics complaint against Aaron Walker, who represents Sarah Palmer and Eric Johnson in the dog of a lawsuit Bill just lost. 

Schmalfeldt was offered a way out of his troubles if he’d pay a thousand dollars and leave people alone.  He apparently is rejecting that offer.  The documents are at Hogewash!.  

It’s rare that I really have to hold myself back, but this is one of those times.  Without cursing or getting too tied up, let me state my opinion:

For the things Bill Schmalfeldt has said about Sarah, Eric and also Aaron Walker, a thousand dollars is too little.  No, I don’t have a figure in mind, but that weaselly blowhard should understand how badly he has screwed up.   

The guy who contacts employers, threatens to destroy businesses, publishes photos of the children and grandchildren of his enemies (complete with nicknames) ties to get other people examined by psychiatrists and blames “right wing nutjobs” for his troubles… That’s a guy who does not deserve the “soft landing” Sarah, Eric and Aaron offered.  

I hope they clean him to the bare walls.  His next blog should be in crayon.

I have been assured that hellfire from the heavens, or the hounds of war or some such terrible thing will be unleashed upon members of Team Free Speech.

Team Free Speech is just the informal group of individuals who have continued to write about Brett Kimberlin and occasionally Bill Schmalfeldt, in spite of lawsuits and threats of lawsuits.

The basic notion of free speech includes the promise that the state will not be complicit in allowing courts to be used as a weapon.  If any political or social commentary was accompanied by a lawsuit by the subject, then we’d all be muffled.

So far today, I have heard neither the barking of great hounds, or the clashing of steel.  I do hear a faint yapping sound, but that could be Mrs. Jackson’s chihuahua.

From Kimberlin Unmasked (used without any permission at all.)

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9 Responses to The Hounds of War – A Thousand Dollars is Too Little

  1. Paul Krendler says:

    “His next blog should be in crayon.”

    Only because using his own feces as a writing instrument would be too much fun for him.

    I guess a fair compromise would be to provide him with the little 3/8″ nubs of crayon that even kindergartners won’t use. Something juuuuust a bit too small for him to grip with those fat fucking crackpickers he calls fingers.

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  2. Y’all are actually being rather kind. Personally I would like to see him in a situation where he has no outside stimuli, no books, no TV, no internet, no walks, no visitors, no nothing, not even patterened wall paper, and has to just live with himself 24/7.

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    • Paul Krendler says:

      Soundproof room with mirrored walls. No windows. 18 foot ceiling. Indirect light 24 hours a day.

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      • Grace says:


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      • agiledog says:

        I’d say that would drive him crazy, but it is not even a short stroll. He is already crazy, evil, and foul. I really do hope when his poor health choices finally cause him to stroke out that his family doesn’t bother with a cremation, and just has the town dump him in the paupers’ field. I’d put it on my bucket list to go piss on his grave, if that happens.

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      • I don’t know if he’s already crazy. Evil? Yes. Crazy? Not so sure. But if he’s not there yet, forced introspection might do it. And it would be well deserved.


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