The Attack on the Freedom of Speech

My headline should be…26-year old gets it! – Dave

From Libertymind:
On the reasonable, correct side, of the argument, hate speech will be ignored by people who don’t want to hear it. It will be refuted, debated, and ignored. My point is, when you label something hate speech, it will be The State that determines what hate speech is and it will be The State that enforces hate speech crimes. Trampling on, for the lack of a better term, God-given rights of the people to say whatever the hell they want. There is another amendment to protect this one and we are seeing both attacked pretty heavily. Makes sense why one would start with these two.


Today, we are seeing the daily erosion of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Pundits online and on television demonize the 2nd Amendment and demand hate speech restrictions on the freedom of speech. I am twenty-six. That puts me in the millennial category. That also means I get grouped into a bunch of retards that use emotion to think instead of reason.

 The Preamble to the Constitution states, “We The People” created the government. So when the Founding Fathers amended The Constitution with the Bill of Rights, it was The People being granted the right to free speech by Natural Law or God or whomever you want to put above you. And it was We The People granting Government the right to control certain aspects of our lives. Regardless, it is a right not granted by man, but by the universe, or God, or nature. It is unalienable. Not negotiable.

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One Response to The Attack on the Freedom of Speech

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    And the point isn’t to grant you rights you were born with, but to deny the government the means to ever take away that birthright. Because heaven knows they will never stop trying.

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