Can You Blame Facebook for Hate?

From Yibada:

Facebook has been blamed to be partly responsible in the recent violent attacks as Israel’s police minister believes the social network giant failed to remove hate speech which resulted in the series of unfortunate incidents.

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[No kidding, there was a “Like us on Facebook” icon right there in the article! — Dave]

One father of 10 children was brutally killed in a drive-by shooting incident while a 13-year-old was stabbed to death in her own bed. Part of the blame is being cast on Facebook as most of the attacks stem from the social network.

Public Security Minister of Israel Gilad Erdan said that Facebook fails to take down the posts which are filled with hate and that they fail to cooperate with proper authorities on such matters, Bloomberg has learned. The minister adds that Facebook has transformed into a “monster.”

As much as I hate hate, and hate violence even more…unless someone actually encourages violence or targets an individual for violence, I can’t see Facebook as the cause.  The phrase “stem from the social network” is just a little too vague.

I think the ones responsible are the individuals with knives, bombs and guns.

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