We have a Winnah!!!

And just like that…it was over.

Th-th-th-that’s all, folks

Our Official Bill Schmalfeldt Lulzsuit Deadpool ended today, not with a bang but a whimper. And there is no joy in Mudville St. Francis, ‘cos Mighty Billy, the terror of women, small children and and competent attorneys all over this land, has struck out.

And our great friend fred4d, who nailed the date of the suit’s demise more or less on the nose as being Friday, July 1 at or after 0800 Central Time, is the winner!  Congratulations Fred for your, err.. most excellent guess.  We predict that an official vehicle belonging to the United States Government will soon be delivering to the address you would designate the Pool’s Grand prize…

…trumpet fanfare, please…

…the 24″x36″ poster of Bill Schmalfeldt’s finest legal moment, captured for all time in the public domain and suitable for framing or lining a birdcage, your choice.


Our thanks also to the estimable William M. Schmalfeldt, without whose unbelievable stupidity, utter indifference to common sense and incredibly callous nature this contest would not have been possible.

Let’s have Dave sum up.

Bill Schmalfeldt and Brett Kimberlin want to control the speech of others, and want to use the courts to do the job.  Today, shutuppery lost, free speech won, and competent legal help bested the most consistently lousy pro se in the country.

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6 Responses to We have a Winnah!!!

  1. Charles Hudson says:

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  2. Techno Jinxx says:

    Stinky should’ve been more careful about who he calls “the worlds worst lawyer”.

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  3. D. Edgren says:

    Heh! Just finished this post up. Congrats again, fred4d!

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  4. one handle and stick to it says:

    Congrats to fred4d! 🙂


  5. Minemyown says:

    I read the opinion, the judge ruled using Wisconsin’s long arm statute, so if bill still wants to sue, he will have to travel.

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