A Democrat Fears the Elitism of the Party

Sarah Eberspacher in the Guardian:

Assuming only racists and sexists are being pushed into the arms of Donald Trump overlooks a huge number of potentially alienated voters

My party has gotten cocky, and I fear that condescending mentality will lose us this election. Because for all of his divisive bluster, Trump has gotten one thing right time and again: small-town America is not doing great.

Don’t get me wrong: I sure as hell won’t be casting a ballot for Trump this November. But I have watched this primary season unfold through a different lens than my very liberal coworkers and fellow New Yorkers, who live in a world that’s largely bounced back from the recession.

Where my family lives, factories are closing. Schools don’t have enough money for teachers, and all of Barack Obama’s hope and change hasn’t done much trickling down in the last eight years. And just because the moderate voters living in these areas aren’t showing up at Trump rallies or plastering your Facebook wall with tirades about Muslims doesn’t mean they’re planning to support Obama’s heir apparent come November.

Read the whole thing.  Or not.  I’m not picky.

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2 Responses to A Democrat Fears the Elitism of the Party

  1. GP Cox says:

    You’d rather have another 4 years with the Clinton couple in power? What did they do their first time in?
    Try this…

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