Celebrate Religious Freedom for All(most) Everyone

The Center for American Progress calls itself progressive, which I’d interpret as liberal. Still, I was interested in the article on religious freedom.  I noticed an odd focus from the outset:

This weekend, millions of Americans will gather with family, friends, and neighbors to celebrate Independence Day. But the July 4th weekend has long been about more than just barbeques and fireworks. It is also a chance for Americans to reflect on the nation’s fundamental values and celebrate fundamental American freedoms, including what many call the first freedom: religious liberty.

This year, Independence Day coincides with the end of Ramadan—the Islamic holy month when Muslims worldwide fast from dawn to sunset. However, Ramadan includes more than just abstaining from food and drink. During this month, Muslims strive to come closer to God by performing charitable acts, mending broken relationships, and building character while practicing self-discipline. Ramadan can be a challenging month for Muslims to observe, not only because of the long, hot days of fasting but also because of the constant scrutiny, discrimination, and hate crimes that Muslims face today from bigoted individuals in the media, politics, and the general public.

OK.  I don’t usually associate one particular faith with Independence Day, though it is interesting that Ramadan this year occurs around the 4th of July.

I did notice the progressive use of minor crimes lumped with major crimes.  When liberals frame a ‘hate crime’ argument, they often mix things like scrutiny with the phrase hate crimes to make it appear that there is a bigger problem.  Look at the last sentence in the above paragraph.  Is there constant scrutiny, discrimination and hate crimes against Muslims?  We’ll get to that.

Reading on, the title didn’t quite match the text.  

Word counts are not everything, but here we go.  Look to the upper right hand side of each of the next three graphics:

Number 1:


Number 2:

Muslim 2.png

Number 3:

MUSLIM 3.png

The article mentions Christians only in the context of their lack of support for religious liberty protections for Muslims.  There is no reference at all to Jewish folks.

According to the most recent FBI hate crime statistics, it is still more dangerous to be Jewish than Muslim in America.

Religious bias
Of the 1,140 victims of anti-religious hate crimes:

56.8 percent were victims of crimes motivated by their offenders’ anti-Jewish bias.
16.1 percent were victims of anti-Islamic (Muslim) bias.

All crimes based upon religion are wrong.  Any crime is wrong.

I don’t blame the Center for American Progress for one article skewed toward the supposed bias/hate crimes/backlash against Muslims.  As I said, word counts are not everything.  One article does not prove a bias toward or against anyone.

It is a demonstrated fact that worldwide, Christians and other religious minorities are being killed.  The Middle East is being purged of its Christians.  All around the world, Muslims are committing mass murder of others.  Did I say all Muslims?  Of course not.

When we celebrate religious liberty for all, remember please the entire world.  All faiths.


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5 Responses to Celebrate Religious Freedom for All(most) Everyone

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    I’d like them to define what they meant by religious liberty before asking people’s opinions on the freedom of expression thereof. For instance, I’m not inclined to grant the right to kill or enslave people just because one’s religion says its okay. Likewise trying to enforce religious laws on people in or out of the religion isn’t particularly okay either. In the case of people who were dubious of “religious freedom” for Muslims, odds are they weren’t thinking that they shouldn’t be allowed to worship, but rather the claims by some that part of their religious liberty should include the ability to enslave, kill, or enforce law on non-practitioners. (or practitioners, for that matter)

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  2. onwyrdsdream says:

    lately it seems I comment here about once a day, so I suppose there will be other opportunities.

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  3. crawford421 says:

    “Muslims strive to come closer to God by performing charitable acts, mending broken relationships, and building character while practicing self-discipline”

    Don’t forget by slaughtering infidels. The Muslims certainly don’t.

    (A Hindu priest hacked to death in Bangladesh; a Christian priest gunned down outside his church in Egypt — those are just today’s stories.)

    Wikipedia, of all places, has a list of battles fought during Ramadan. Three of them were fought by warbands led by Mohammed. One of them is remarked as the first battle between Muslims and non-Muslims. Another was the “Battle of the Trench”, where the losing tribe saw all the young women and girls enslaved and all the men beheaded.

    What a (pardon my French) fucked up world we live in. The religion founded by the Prince of Peace, who suffered and was killed to take on the burden of all mankind’s sins, is slandered as violent and hateful — despite the charitable works of so many of its practitioners and the peaceful lives most of them live. Meanwhile, the religion founded by a slave-taking warlord, who ordered his followers to “strike the necks of the unbelievers” and “slaughter them where ever you find them” is declared the “religion of peace”, and any who express doubt of that is ridiculed and slandered — despite the daily violence carried out in that faith’s name, according to its dictates, by the followers who have most closely studied it.

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