No, You’re Not Going to Believe This!

Islamaphobia.  You find it in the oddest places.

h/t Counterjihadreport

The Council on American Islamic Relations — often described as a front for the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood — has declared the “no fly/no buy” gun control bill as Islamaphobic.

Gun control is an intense debate in the United States with reasonable supporters on each side, but CAIR is polluting the political dialogue with (yet again) ridiculous cries of Islamophobia—and this latest round is exceptionally over-the-top.

The Terrorist Firearms Prevention Act of 2016 aims to stop suspected terrorists whose names are on the no-fly list or the “selectee” list for extra scrutiny from buying guns. There are multiple cases of people who are obviously not terrorists who have ended up on the no-fly list and there are legitimate questions about the bill’s compatibility with the U.S. Constitution, but that’s not the respectable dialogue CAIR is promoting.

Rather, CAIR claimed that the bipartisan group of Senators secretly wants the gun control because it only impacts Muslims:He does after all fit the terrorist profile..

“We oppose the Terrorist Firearms Prevention Act of 2016 because it appears to limit the ban on firearms purchases to American Muslims…”

“It would seem the Senate is willing to only apply constitutional limitations on the American Muslim community, which is disproportionately impacted by federal watch lists.”

I think the no fly list is probably an imperfect thing.  I’m unconvinced that you can take a constitutionally protected right away from anyone without due process.  I’m also convinced that there might be a reason that lots of Muslim’s end up on the terror-related watch list.  It might have something to do with the number of terrorists on the “I’m a Muslim” list.

As always, not all Muslim’s are terrorists.  If they were, the’d all have blowed up by now, and we wouldn’t have anything to discuss. Every culture produces it’s fair share of losers…blah, blah…our diversity makes us stronger.  — Dave

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2 Responses to No, You’re Not Going to Believe This!

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    As long as the qualifications to get on the list isn’t being Muslim this attack shouldn’t work legally. Keeping track of likely threats isn’t guided by beliefs so much as actions. But given that justice is pretty much dominated by leftists easily swayed by such a dishonest argument, it might even work.

    Though, taking a person’s rights away without due process is of course, already wrong.

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  2. One of my sisters seems to be on the extra scrutiny list, inspite of going through the TSA theater of getting the pre-clearance stuff done. Every. Single. Time she flies she gets the whole works. She’s not sure if it’s because she flies in and out of the Middle East (archaeologist specializing in the Bronze Age) or because the Jordanians were positive that the calipers in her dig kit were a weapon a few years ago, but either way it means that even she, a flaming liberal, can see the danger of using that list for gun restrictions. And she can’t even find out if she’s actually on a list, nor how to get off it if she is on it.


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