Maryland Court of Appeals, You Perfectly Understand Team Kimberlin


UPDATE: The whole post is a confusing mess of stupid combined with painkillers.  I quoted Aaron Walker and not the judge.  Ignore this, and go on with your day confident that I’ve already messed up something far more than you will today.


Read the whole thing at Hogewash!.

The Maryland Court of Appeals has denied Brett Kimberlin’s motion in Kimberlin v. Walker, in which Brett Kimberlin was unable to demonstrate that he was not a pedophile. Even though Brett Kimberlin brought the case, and petitioned the court for the right to testify, he did not take the stand.  He did send his daughter to defend him — not the last example of Brett weaponizing a minor child in his lawfare.

Aaron Walker, John Hoge, Ali Akbar and Stacy McCain for the win!

This is a big win for Team Free Speech, a big loss for Team Kimberlin, and a breath of fresh air from a Maryland court.

No court has effectively sanctioned Brett Kimberlin for his repeated misrepresentation of facts and other violations of court rules.  Can we please see that now?



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2 Responses to Maryland Court of Appeals, You Perfectly Understand Team Kimberlin

  1. Ashterah says:

    As much as I love the paragraph you quoted, that’s from Aaron Walker’s brief in support of denying Brett the writ of certiori. Apparently the court only issues a single sentence. lol


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