Not That I Think Omar Mateen is a Rosa Parks

Rosa and guns

h/t Starboard Tack.

I hope this picture gives the left spasms.  The basic idea is correct.  I don’t have to justify my right to a free press assembly, religion or even to kick those darned British troops outta the guest room.  Noisy bunch they are.



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2 Responses to Not That I Think Omar Mateen is a Rosa Parks

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    The left’s argument on this is not self consistent.

    It’d be a foolish thing to hire someone to protect you, then surrender the right to protect yourself. Particularly when the hired security isn’t even someone on-hand, but someone part of a force miles away, of limited number, with the potential to be overburdened or uninformed at the very moment you need them. The question is, do you consider yourself valuable, or not?

    If not, why spend someone else’s money on your protection? If the state should pay for your protection, you concede that others must give up some of the things they could have had in order to pay to protect you. The state has no wealth but what it takes from its citizens.

    However, if you think yourself valuable enough that someone must protect you, then why would you willingly surrender the means to protect yourself? You can choose to not protect yourself, but that is not at all a rational choice. A bank does not rely on the state alone to protect the gold it was entrusted, it hires guards, builds vaults, places cameras and barriers, and trains its employees. This besides that a bank is such a high value target that the state generally desires to protect them with more resources than are available to the common man.

    From the perspective of the right, individuals are worth protecting, thus we think it wise to protect ourselves, and it isn’t inconsistent to also seek protection from the state. The extent to which it should do so is to the limits of our natural rights. Rights can’t be granted by the state, as the state has no such power, but rather should be protected by the state, which is indeed within its abilities, and arguably, just about the only thing the state should rationally be allowed to do.

    Ultimately, the problem is the state is not a god. It will never be one. It is useful for large problems, war and national disasters… but in the case of a home invasion, it could perhaps mobilize a million men, but still not get even one of them there before you bleed out. Private security might do even more, as they could be on hand all the time. In the end, though, when you’re left in a room with the one who would harm you, you are all you have left. If there is value in your existence, your final defense should not be without power to resist.

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  2. Techno Jinxx says:

    I think a large part of the problem is the last few generations have been brought up being taught the government is there to take care of them, and not being taught they are responsible for taking care of themselves.

    Also, lack of teaching on the Constitution, and what it means. I’m not talking about the wishy washy leftist “its a living document” bullshit. I mean the facts of it, like it is in place to restrain the government, not the people of the country.

    The enumeration of certain rights within the Bill of Rights wasn’t so the Constitution could “give” American citizens certain rights, it was to restrain the government from infringing on those rights the people possessed as God-given to begin with. And the American people have already allowed the government to infringe waaaaaay to much on their rights already.

    When idiots start going on about whether or not someone “needs” something or other when the right to have it spelled out in the highest law of the land I want to slap them upside the head and remind them that it is THAT type of thinking that has gotten millions killed thru out history. While they whine they dont feel “safe” at the thought that someone somewhere may legally be carrying a gun, I don’t feel safe knowing that those fools would happily sell me and my family’s right to protect ourselves for the modern 30 pieces of silver being the seal barking of approval from the left.

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