Hate Speech Can Prompt Violent Crime

So speech which can make someone angry, or speech which reinforces bigotry can each cause violence?  How convenient?

Hate speech, whether homophobic or islamophobic, can prompt violent crime, the EU justice and gender equality commissioner has warned in the wake of the Orlando and Jo Cox killings.

Vera Jourova, a Czech politician who works on fighting Islamist radicalisation as well as on protection of minorities, spoke to EUobserver shortly after two hate crimes, one on either side of the Atlantic, grabbed world attention.

On 12 June, a gunman claiming to act on behalf of the jihadist group Islamic State killed 49 people in a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

Four days later, a man claiming to “protect British independence”, murdered Jo Cox, an outspokenly pro-immigration and pro-EU MP, in Birstall, in the UK.

To review: Speaking against gay people can make Muslims want to kill gays, but speaking against Muslims can make Muslims want to kill you.  If you speak out in favor of immigration, somebody might kill you because they disagree…so I guess we should ban speech which disagrees with other people’s opinions.  I don’t think I got that last part right, but it really is hard to be a logical person surrounded by illogic.

How about we blame the shooter for the shooting?

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One Response to Hate Speech Can Prompt Violent Crime

  1. Jeanette Victoria says:

    You forgot the exception, it is OK threaten violence towards conservatives or Christians ’cause you know they deserve it or something.

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